Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why yes, I AM that lazy.

I just finished my third load of dishes in the dishwasher. Not that I've cooked a lot today. (Or even at all.) I just didn't want to hand-wash all those dishes.
Seriously. I haven't cleaned the kitchen in a week and a half. The pots, pans, baking sheets, and casserole dishes were burying half of my kitchen. Literally. Half.
I whittled that down to 6 things to hand-wash. And that's only because they're too big to fit in the dishwasher. I'm hoping by midnight, the kitchen and dining room will be cleaner than they've been in a LONG time. Paul's going to come home tomorrow morning and be like, "What? We have a dining room table?" I've been that bad. It's been stacked high for so long, and I just didn't care. I'd shove stuff over so we'd each have like a 12"x12" space clear to eat (if we even ate at the table), and just left it there. And didn't wipe the table after the meal.
I blame it on the heat. I've been in a foul mood since last week. Like, Hubby-you'd-better-not-say-anything-to-set-me-off-because-you-are-going-to-have-it-if-you-do bad mood (not that he'd done anything, just I was in a bad mood). I had a headache for 5 days straight. I haven't had the headache since Sunday, when it rained and cooled off slightly (down to 95, instead of 105). I am completely unmotivated to do anything productive.
Except this:
Because I'm sure you all have nothing better to do than wait in breathless anticipation for a photo my finished project. This is just the primer. Not the final colors.

But even that is taking forever. Because of this:
That's in the shed, in the shade, with a breeze blowing through it. At 7 PM.

I'm not even sure if you're supposed to use spray paint when it's this hot. I've been doing it sparingly, because I don't want anything to crackle or bubble or peel. And by the time we wait for it to be "cool" enough to work out there, it's 8 PM, and there's only time for one coat.
Oh, and add to that, my little "helpers" - and all you Mommies know exactly why it's taking so long now.
Maybe by this weekend.......

I have GOT to get back to the kitchen clean up. I just needed to sit on my butt for a bit and blow off some steam.

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Rachel said...

Just realized how awkward that last sentence was. That's NOT what I was doing.