Tuesday, July 19, 2011

P90X and Gardening.... Who knew?

I deleted the previous post referring to P90X, as after going back to read it, I realized it was post-workout endorphin ramblings, and made no sense.

I started P90X again yesterday.
I caught a glimpse of my lower half in the mirror last week (we don't own a full-length mirror)..... Something had to be done.
I tried getting up at 6:30 to walk; I have to be done by 8 if I don't want to feel like a puddle of goo. It's hotter than blazes out. But then I got sick. And then I lost all motivation - take a nap or exercise? What would you choose?
So I swore off sugar - again. And by swearing off, I mean "effectively resisting 40% of the sugar offered me." But I know that's not going to be enough. I haven't gained weight (maybe 3 pounds), but I've flabbed out. I've got to do something to tone up and burn some of it off.
So I brought out the P90X. Again. I made it through about 6 weeks last fall. Last night was Core Synergistics. (It works the shoulders through the thighs - your "core".) It wasn't too bad, but I definitely felt it.
Then I went out to the garden this morning to get rid of some nasty thorny weeds I've been meaning to pull for two weeks now. They're seeded out, so it's Operation Critical now, if I don't want to have the same problem (times a million) next year.
Apparently every muscle in your core is used to do gardening work. My thighs (hamstrings) and shoulders hollered the whole time. I just wish that A/you could somehow incorporate cardio into gardening (gotta burn this fat!) and B/it wasn't so hot that you can only stand to work outside for 20 minutes or less at a time.
Tonight: Cardio X. Bring it on.


Scrat on Speed said...

Apparently you weren't feeling "X-ellent!"? Ulgh.

Carrie Roer said...

Earlier this year I participated in a "pedometer challenge" through work, where we had to count our steps each day. They gave us a chart with "other" activities (like swimming, tennis, etc.) and the amount of time you'd have to spend doing those activities to equate to 2000 steps (1 mile). 20 minutes of gardening was equal to 2000 steps, on top of whatever steps you took while gardening! So an hour's worth of gardening sure helped me reach the goal of 10,000 steps a day!