Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Grief!

We're pushing an hour and a half.....
Since I put the boys to bed.
I have empathized, threatened, spanked, coddled to whims, and spanked with the spoon (the pinnacle of punishment around here). Good grief!
They didn't take very long naps, we went outside and spent an hour+ playing in the 100-degree heat. (At 6 pm. In the shade. It was ridiculous.) They were tired. They were starting to get cranky, so I brought them in, showered them off, and put them to bed. And not too early - we didn't even come inside until a quarter after 9.
What gives?
Maybe they're being my little barometers, and it means a change in the weather is coming. Any change has to be a good one - it can't get much hotter or drier!

On another note, my blogger friend Carrie posted a link to Thrifty Decor Chick on her blog. Oh my. Reading the decor blog and looking at the author's pictures, I am aware of just how college-student our house looks. (Which is ironic, because neither of us were ever college students.) Granted, she obviously has an awesome house to work with, whereas ours is a 1940s house, with all the idiosyncrasies and architectural whimsy that goes with that. But it's given me the itch. The itch to do something about these white, empty walls. To maybe actually put curtains up, now that we've lived here for 5 years. To start restoring/repainting that desk and dresser I've been talking about for months. Maybe buy a lamp because I think it's pretty, not because it's the cheapest on the store shelf.
The only bad thing, is even if you are thrifty and doing it yourself.... You may have saved $200 on a project or an item, but if it still costs you $50, that's still a chunk we can't afford some months - it's a week of groceries, a tank of gas. Some people can't wrap their head around that.


Carrie Roer said...

My Abby had a hard time falling asleep last night too! We had friends over and were playing games in the dining room, but usually she can't hear us enough to make a fuss. Last night she sure did. I blame the weather too... Where do you guys live? We're in Michigan and do have storms rolling our way this morning. Hope you have a good day today!

~ April said...

You only spend $50 a week on food?! I need your tips and meal plans!!!!