Monday, July 18, 2011

Blast from the Past:

"Evening, ladies. We had a report about some skinny dippers. Would you ladies know anything about that?"
"Was it you girls?"
When I think about this occurance 8 years ago, I still almost die laughing.
For my 21st birthday, me, two friends, and my little sister decided to go skinny dipping at the lake. It was after 9 PM; we figured the beach would be clearing out (it wasn't). We swam out to the buoy in the farthest corner of the swim area and stripped down, wrapped our swimsuits around our arms, and just floated and relaxed in the cool water.
Apparently someone noticed us, and reported us to a ranger. We saw her talking to the ranger in the parking lot and got our suits on and headed back to the beach, just about the same time a boat with 8 rangers and a spotlight showed up. (Slow night, guys?) This is where two rangers approached us on the beach and questioned us. They were barely able to contain their laughter, and I wouldn't even call what he gave us a "reprimand."

The reason this keeps going over in my mind, is this:

Kid-free skinny dipping is sounding pretty darn good about now.

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Brooke said...

Good memories! :)