Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jacob's Speech Assessment

My house was invaded on my birthday by two workers from the local Infant-Toddler Program. I spent the two days beforehand cleaning furiously, because I equate a visit with this government-funded agency with another government-funded agency (SRS). (You know they'd report me if they thought I was neglecting or endangering him/them!)
It turns out all my cleaning was for naught, because they didn't even set foot inside. The boys were playing outside, so they just sat at the picnic table to observe him.
Even though I didn't really want them there in the first place, I don't think they did a good job of observing him. We watched him from 20+ feet away as he played on the swing, slide, and sandpile. I answered a bunch of questions about him - all truthfully - but they didn't really do much up-close observation and interaction.
They use a method called AEPS, and it has a scoring system based on how I answer their questions. He has to score below "10" to qualify for "intervention", and he scored 11. I think they also said he had to be delayed in 2 areas in order to qualify. So, like I thought, he is behind, but there's not anything they can do about it.
Basically, they told me to keep doing exactly what I'm doing. Lots of repetition, reading, interacting, and try signing if he gets frustrated (which he is not interested in at all). They suggested I try strengthening his mouth and cheek muscles by making him use straws (with thicker liquids like yogurt and applesauce) and whistles.
I think I would be more worried if he were frustrated at all. But he just seems to not care. He's perfectly content using his "words" and sounds. We understand what he wants and needs. There's just too many more exciting things to do when you're 20 months old!


The Shupaloops said...

Okay, so maybe I missed a blog somewhere! Is this related to his tongue or is it something else? Because Millie barely, I mean barely talks at all and she will be two in September. Jack was talking like a three year old at this age! She is so much further than him in other areas though, so I think, as everyone always says, kids do things at different stages. I'll get worried if they are behind when school starts, for right now as long as they are happy they can just be my little kids!

Rachel said...

Maybe I didn't blog about it, but at his 18-month checkup the doctor asked about his talking, and when I told her he barely had 10 words, she gave me the number for Infant-Toddler Services. I took it, planning to wait 'til closer to his 2nd birthday before calling, to see if he was still behind.
Apparently the doctor's office called them for me, because I received a call from I-T the next day to set up an appointment.
When I mentioned he was tongue-tied at birth, they jumped on that as the culprit. But when I told them it was fixed when he was 2 weeks old, they said that couldn't be the problem. They said his cheeks were kind of chubby, and wondered if that was a problem (causing trouble forming words/sounds), but I pointed out that Nathan's were just as chubby at that age, and he didn't have a problem. My kids are the same as yours, Emily: Nathan was speaking sentences by the age Jacob is now.
Really, the most frustrating thing about it is that Nathan thinks that he should be able to get what he wants too by pointing and grunting. :)

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

If I could communicate with as little effort as Jacob I would..... there are no bees in his bonnet. As for Nathan...he just likes to pull mommy's string... He talks plenty at music class and with me....he is soooo much like his daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom R