Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Browser

This post is mainly to see how things work in the new browser I'm trying... Google Chrome. For some reason, Internet Explorer won't post my blogs. I can view, compose, etc., but it won't post. I've told you before about Paul and I's separate browsers, and I hear over and over about how crappy Internet Explorer is (I'm starting to agree), so.... I'm trying something new. I figured Blogger is a Google site, Chrome is a Google browser, so..... They should work pretty well together.
Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures.

We have kittens. 5 of them. Please find a new home for them.
Three of them are yellow. The yellow ones are all "Milo" to Nathan and Jacob, even though 2 of them are girls. ("Joyce" is the white one, and Nathan has yet to come up with a name for the gray one.)

This is from our Independence Day party.... On the 2nd. Nathan saw all the guns and had to go get his gun. Every time they started shooting, he'd start shooting, too. From the hip, of course. He's that good.
Jacob and Grandpa watched the shooting.
Rock stars.
2011 Harvest Hitchhiking, Part 1. Helping Mr. LaGalle with his wheat harvest across the road.

Earlier this month, I heard little footsteps go across the floor after lights out. Later when I went up to check on them, this is what I found.
My summer is complete when these flowers bloom. I love my pink gladiolas - they made it through the awful winter, even though I didn't dig them up like you're supposed to.


Carrie Roer said...

I've used Chrome for... probably a year now. LOVE it.

Great pictures! Those kittens are soooo cute!

Tiffany said...

The pic of them together in bed is priceless! Love it!

Yellow Streaks said...

Oh wow. I want one of the kitties. Also, I want Jacob. What a cutie! However, I don't think Caleb will let me take another cat, and I don't think you'll let me take your son. So I'll just have to enjoy the pictures. :) SO CUTE!