Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Moment

I don't usually dwell much on the baby we lost by miscarriage. Not because it didn't sadden me, but because there's nothing I can do about it. I know it was God's will.
But today, the thought crossed my mind - how far along would I have been? So I counted up on the calendar....
I would have been 7 months. And then I found this picture of me two summers ago, 7 months pregnant with Jacob.

And I had a moment. A moment of sadness and tears.
I would much rather have the baby inside me, even if it made me suffer through this miserable heat. Because that would mean in two short months, I would be holding our precious one in my arms.
I miss you, Angel.


Tricia said...

:o( I am sad for you. Praying God's healing fills your heart!

~ April said...

Sending hugs! I've felt that pain and some how even 6 years later it can sneak up again.

Rachel said...

I didn't have any clue of this at the time, but I would have been less than a week pregnant with Zadie when I wrote this. Joy in our sorrow!