Thursday, August 4, 2011

Desk is Done!

I finally finished up the desk today. It was pretty much finished by last weekend, but I was just waiting on the hardware. I'd tried some pulls from our local hardware store, but not only were they too big for the little desk (top is only like 20x35" - guesstimate), they were going to be $90!!! I thought I wanted cup pulls, but they didn't look right and were way too big for the tiny drawers. So I ordered what I needed from Home Depot, got free shipping, and only spent $30.
(This still sounds like a lot, but they are for the little desk, plus a 4-drawer dresser I'm painting to match - pictures later, when I finish it up. It's too hot to paint [100+], and the paint was literally drying instantly.)
While I was waiting for the hardware to get here, and feeding my obsession with Thrifty Decor Chick back posts, I ran into a link to Young & Crafty, and her Table Desk. (Click on the link to see pictures.) I fell in LOVE with the border she painted on the tabletop, and decided I HAD to do that to my (ahem... Nathan's) desk.
Lots of painters tape, 4 coats of paint on the border, and newly arrived hardware, and we have the finished product.....

I really think the border made the desk. But I was seriously stressing about it. Like, waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

With the painting tape on... Will it work?

Holding my breath.... Taking the tape off......

I am in LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!

Weird angle, but better view of the border.
(Can you see my goofs?)

Another favorite transformation of mine.... Notice in the "before" picture below, the deep bottom drawer was one of those fake "two drawer" drawers? (Why do so many desks and kitchens have those???) Well, I sanded the crap out of that thing, and spackled, and sanded some more..... And I got rid of the line that made it look like two drawers. I love it this way - more modern, maybe? More classic?
And you can't even tell that it used to have a strip of wood to make it look like two drawers.

So again..... Before:
And after:

Total cost:
Desk - free!
Primer, Sandpaper, Paintbrushes - $15
White Paint - on hand
Blue Paint - $15
Painters Tape - $6
Drawer Pulls - $10
But when you divide out what I still have left and can use for other projects, the actual cost was probably more like around $25.
I tell you. I have unleashed a monster! It's like my eyes have been opened, and I'm seeing all these totally easy projects I could do. Projects I'm also working on/have on hand: the aforementioned dresser, a coffee table, a lamp, and a reading nook for the boys. More on those later.....


Carrie Roer said...

Love love love it!!! You did such a great job!! I like looking at before, during, and after pictures. Nice job with fixing up the double/hidden drawer thing -- I don't like those either. I can't believe it's the same desk!

P.S. I just started checking out that Young and Crafty site... oh my. I think I've found another DIY site to follow...! :)

Tiffany said...

I Love it!!!! Looks fabulous!!! I need to get to posting my mirror...Great job!

The Shupaloops said...

We are in the process of doing a little DYI work too! I almost have our office/craft room complete. Pictures to come. We are starting our living room and kitchen reno next.
Your desk is awesome. Gave me inspiration for one for Jack. He says he wants his own desk and computer so he can work like dad. Chris is all upset that that is what Jack looks up too! I say, don't worry, I wanted to wear heels like my mom when I was little, it's a cool thing babe!

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

Love the desk. Glad we did not trash it!!!!!!

Hey when you get the chair, do you want to do one for me that will go with the library where I am using it now?
Mom R