Monday, March 19, 2012

That Being Said.......

(See the last post.)
That being said, we do have some epic middle-of-the-night battles.  Jacob is a snuggler.  Like serial snuggling.  He wants to come to our bed a lot - let me tell you how that goes with this belly and two adults.  And I don't know really why - he never slept with us as a baby, but I think he just likes knowing everyone is close.  So that's not happening anymore.
And the hair.  He is obsessed with my hair.  I thought getting it cut where it wouldn't be hanging down in his face would fix that, but no.  Some kids suck their thumb, some have stuffed animals.... Jacob has my hair.  (I'm trying to break him of that, because in another year or two it just could get creepy to let him pet me.)
So, Jacob sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night.  (I think he's starting to try to night-time potty train, so he wakes up when he needs to go, but doesn't realize that's why he woke up.)  Sometimes he goes back to sleep fairly easily.  Then other times......
Example:  Saturday night.  (Sunday morning, actually.)  He woke up.  After he went potty and I got him some milk (whatever it takes to get him back to sleep at this point - 5:45 is the breaking point of "could technically get up because he has had nearly 8 hours of sleep.")  He wanted me to carry him upstairs.  Not happening.  (And hasn't happened for a couple months, I might add.  Me:  sleepy, fat, off-balance, carrying a 30-lb toddler up a dark flight of stairs.  Not really safe.)  Commence to screaming.  We get to his bed.  Then the excuse is he doesn't have milk.... While the sippy is in his hand.  It's half full, but he wants more.  (He hasn't even taken one sip.)  I refuse.  Bring on the excuses.
I want milk.
I want to snuggle.
I want water.
I want to go outside.
My shirt is unbuttoned.
I know I said "whatever it takes to get him back to sleep" - but I (we) have found, nothing makes him happy. He doesn't know what he wants, so if you give him what he thinks he wants (milk, in this case), then he'll want something else, and we still end up with the screaming and crying.  What works the best is changing the subject, trying to come up with a question that will make him stop and think.  But diversions didn't work this time.
So commence to battle.
I ended up spanking him twice for screaming (screeching, ear-piercing, bloody-murder screaming) and kicking.  He shares a room with his brother, who he woke up, and that behavior is unacceptable.
And you know what?  Once he got it through his head I wasn't giving in to his demands, he quietly went back to sleep.  Sigh.  Why is this level of drama necessary?
Me, on the other hand............

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