Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skipping Church

I'm skipping church for the first time in years.  In fact, other than having babies, I'm not sure of the last time I stayed home because of ME.  (There's been a few times of missing because one of the boys were sick or because we were snowed in.)
I was up all night with an upset stomach.... I couldn't decide if the constant churning and cramping was mercy or misery.  I'm guessing throwing up when you're 8 months pregnant would be pretty violent, but not being able to sleep because of the upset is pretty miserable, too.  Sometimes I'd just like to get it over with because you know you'll feel better.
But this morning I am better, I think.  I finally fell asleep around 5 AM, and got a few hours.  Paul took the boys to church so I could have a quiet house to rest.  I should be back in bed catching up on sleep, but my body is sore from laying there.  Sigh.
When we were praying last night, Paul said something about, "When we add to our family next month."  EEK.  It is next month!  Not that I didn't know that - duh - but I've been thinking in terms of weeks, and "6 weeks" sounds longer than "next month."
My mom and my older sister came over on Friday and flat-out GOT IT DONE cleaning my house.  They helped me organize the baby's room and the boys room, and dusted, swept and mopped up there - which probably hasn't been done since right before Jacob was born.  (Okay, I've swept and dusted.... a few times.) Mom took home all the cloth diapers to wash.  I got the car seat cover and the Boppy cover washed.  All that's left is the clothes, because I wanted to wait until just a bit closer so they don't get dusty or pet fur on them, but they are all sorted out and in the dresser.  I told Paul, if I go early, all he has to do is dump those two drawers into the washer.
We still haven't nailed down baby names.  We've talked about it a few times, and have sort of settled on two names (one for a girl, one for a boy), but haven't said for-sure-this-is-it.  But that's okay.  And I don't think we're going to announce the names - we've told a few close friends and family members (but I'm not even sure we've told our parents).  I got burned on doing that with Nathan.  We were planning on naming him Quinn, which is Paul's middle name, but everyone felt they had to tell us that "Quinn is a girl's name."  (WHICH IT'S NOT!!!!)  So I just don't feel like fielding people's opinions on the names.  We like them, so that's that.
I am definitely feeling this pregnancy more that I did with either boy.  I don't know if it's because I'm older (almost 30....shhhh), or because my hormones are different (read: it's a girl), or because two boys keep me completely worn out, but I am definitely ready to get this baby here.  I wasn't like that with either boy, at least until the week they were due.  I also have had some Braxton-Hicks contractions, which I never had with the boys.  It just proves that every pregnancy is different, I guess.  I apologized to Paul for how much I feel like I whine, and over-react to symptoms, but he said I'm not that bad.  "You do pregnancy well."
Well, now I'm uncomfortable sitting, so I'll try laying down again.  At least I started a good book this week.  Later, I'll try out eating something.... It's been 24 hours since I had "real food" so we'll see how it goes.

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