Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh My Gosh

So, all of us have seen one of those women working in the yard, that later, we tell our husband/family/friends, "Ohmygosh, you would not believe what I saw this woman wearing while she worked in the yard!"  Even if you're not the malicious gossip that I am, you have to admit that you at least think to yourself, "Oh. My. Gosh.  What was she thinking?!?!"  (Who else saw the woman in the red swimsuit/dress thing on the corner house after church last week?)
I am that woman.
I tried to avoid it, but we have reached that point where my comfort is more important than my vanity.  These compression stockings are HOT - they have rubber in them, for pete's sake.  I try to get by with light capri pants and no socks, but it's been in the mid-80s.  I broke out the shorts.
So yesterday I was mowing and working outside in the stockings, topped with comfy sweats-material shorts.  They aren't that short on their own, but weren't staying in place.  Several times while I was mowing I looked down, and they have creeped up to higher than the "run-stop" top of the legs on the pantyhose.  To a fast-moving car driving by, it may have looked like I was not wearing pants (the shorts were close to the same color as my stockings).  If I wasn't on the mower, they would crawl up to my crotch, so I'm walking around with one side of my shorts looking normal, and the other not even visible.  (And because of the stockings I couldn't even feel that they were riding up.)
At least I had a normal t-shirt on, even if it was stained.....

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