Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Questions Answered

So now you know the reason for my lack of blogginess. A/I'm sleeping every possible chance I can get, and B/I was afraid if I talked too much, I'd let it slip.
I didn't want to let people know until after we had our first doctor appointment and we knew everything was going okay. But since I was outgrowing my clothes faster than I imagined possible (probably more due to non-stop eating the two weeks after the Superbowl than to baby), I was severely tempted to explain - "I'm not fat! It's the baby!!"
We had a sonogram last week (obviously), because my doctor couldn't find the baby's heart beat. It really freaked me out, but now I'm pretty sure it's due more to the ample layer of fat that resides over the baby's nestling place. The sonogram technician said the baby actually measures 10 days later than what my due date was, which would make my due date October 22. I don't see how that's possible, since we had to use drugs to get pregnant again - my due date should be right on. But I won't be surprised if when we go in for the normal 20-week sonogram, we find out that we're back on track for a October 12 baby. These little guys grow in such spurts.
It's way too early to know what we're having, and we've decided not to find out this time. I'm sure the anticipation will about kill me, even though I love surprises! We would be totally happy with either a boy or a girl. I do want another boy for Nathan to be best friends with, but I also want a girl to do girly things with (I'm a little overwhelmed sometimes at the male-ness of this household).
I've been feeling just fine other than being so tired all the time. Everyone says I'll snap out of that when the first trimester is over. I think I'll be a little more motivated to not take naps as well, when spring is here for real and I can get stuff done in the afternoon while Nathan's napping. I do have occasional heartburn or upset stomach after I eat, but not enough to make me throw up - just enough that I don't feel like over-exerting myself. And I'm eating a lot - not just PMS-ish munching, I am actually stomach-growling hungry every two hours or so a lot of days.
And just to warn you, we are already calling this baby a "he." I don't know if it's that I have a feeling, or just a need to assign a gender to avoid calling the baby "it". So don't think that we know something you don't know. But for the record: my mom, my brother, and my best friend all think I'm having a boy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids These Days......

To the young man sitting in the pew in front of me on Sunday:
I usually don't dedicate entire posts to vent my irritation on one single person. But as if wearing a hat in church during most of the service wasn't rude enough, you couldn't put your cell phone away for one minute, and sent and received text messages throughout the entire message.
Now, towards the end of the sermon you noticed the fact I was trying to read over your shoulder what you were typing. You're darn right I was! I wanted to see what was so gosh dang important that you couldn't pause the conversation for just a half hour or so until you were out of church. But instead of putting your little cell phone away, you kept one hand over the screen while typing with the other hand. Maybe you got a little nervous that I had actually read some of your little conversation, because about that time, you took off your little cap to reveal your obviously unwashed and uncombed hair. Which seriously didn't bother me as much as you wearing a hat in church. Don't you know that's disrespectful? Do they even teach that to kids these days?
Would it have been rude of me to reach over the pew, take his cell phone away, and force him to listen to the sermon? Because I'm pretty sure if he's that disinterested in what's going on at the front of the sanctuary, there's a good chance he needs to hear it all the more.

Our 5th Anniversary

All week, I've known I wanted to blog about something. I do have a couple other things for separate entries, but I knew it wasn't pressing like the one I knew I'd wanted to write......
I'm so spacy these days.
Our 5th anniversary was last Friday. And Thursday, it felt like, since that's when we actually went out.
It's been the best 5 years of my life. I am so happy.
We got asked to play for a wedding the weekend of our anniversary, so the rehearsal was on our actual anniversary night, which is why we went out on Thursday.
We dropped the Munchkinator off at his Grampa and Gramma's house and took off shortly after lunchtime. We stopped by the Olathe hospital to see my friend Josh who works in the coffee shop in the Doctor's Building. He wasn't there, of course, but I got my much-needed caffeine boost and we headed over to the Great Mall to find a bathroom and use a gift card to Burlington Coat Factory I've had since Nathan was born. We can't go on a date, it seems, without buying something for Nathan. Oh well - that shows we're always thinking about him. (Yet I didn't worry about him constantly, that he was fussing, so maybe I've grown up and learned to loosen up a bit.) After finding him some sandals for wearing in the garden this year, we headed up the backroads to The Legends (up by the Kansas Speedway, Cabela's, Nebraska Furniture Mart, etc).
We checked into Chateau Avalon and unloaded our bag. Paul had set up everything, and he got us the "Seville" room, and ordered a rose-petal turn down. It looked so pretty when we got there! I wish I'd remembered the camera.
Paul watched TV on the huge king-size bed while I got "all sexed up" (meaning, I actually put on makeup). There were more people staying there than have ever been when we've been there (this is the third anniversary we've spent there, all on weeknights). Someone in an adjoining room started playing music really loud (every room has surround sound CD/DVD players). And it was what my mom calls "jungle music" - all bass and "artists" grunting the whole time. Totally annoying. (Annoying neighbors seemed to be a theme.)
We went back and forth on what to do for our date. We kind of wanted to see a movie, since we never get to do that, but there was really only one movie that interested us, and it was only sort-of - the type you wouldn't mind renting, but don't necessarily want to go see in theater. Of course, there were about 5 that looked good that came out the next day. Oh well.
We decided instead to go bowling. We went to Pin Up Bowl which is actually in The Legends shopping center - it's a little 12-lane joint (clean!) and done in a 50s style. We spent the same as we would have on a movie and played two games. Paul smoked me the first game (even though I started the game with three strikes in a row) 125-99, and then I beat him the second 122-120. It was a whole lot of fun, and much funner than sitting in a movie theater for a less-than-stellar movie.
We went to Outback Steakhouse for supper. We had talked about going to Jazz (A Louisiana Kitchen), but looking at the menu...... We both knew we were in the mood for steak and potatoes, and Jazz's menu looked a little... too cajun.
We both failed to realize that it was spring break, therefore there was an overabundance of teenagers out and about. We had to wait a bit for our table, but since there was only the two of us (the others waiting were like two parties of 6), it wasn't more than about 10 minutes. They seated us at a booth adjoining a table with 3 high school girls..... Not bad in itself, except A/they were drunk, and B/our waiter couldn't seem to tear himself away from their table to actually serve us. (He didn't get a very good tip, due to that fact, plus: he didn't serve us our bread, couldn't seem to keep our water glasses full, and got my order wrong.)
Those girls were SO ANNOYING. Nothing against high school girls in general, but when Paul mentioned he thought they had been drinking, and I started paying attention to them..... Gaah. We listened to them talking, and Paul said it was just like listening to the filthy mouths of the men he works with. The conversation I remember most was:
*beep beep* (text message)
"Who is it?" one girl asked.
"It's Jessica [or whatever]. She's a f---ing whore. I hate her." (meanwhile probably texting "lol can't wait to see you at school on Monday!")
And she went on to talk about how she had written with marker all over this girl's car - on the actual paint - various curse words, slang words, and insults. And then she said, "And my mom made me pay her $70 for her to fix it." Like she was so surprised there should be a repercussion for it.
Then add to that that all three of them fawned all over "Randall", our server, and tried to get him to break up with his girlfriend to go out with one of them. Because "I'm almost 17!"
But the food was good. I ate WAY too much, but we had no way to keep leftovers, so I HAD to finish it, right? We forgot Paul had ordered us chocolate-covered strawberries and a fruit and cheese tray at the hotel. We managed the strawberries, but had to cover the fruit and cheese for later.
We got back to the Chateau and checked out a DVD (my way of preventing channel-surfing... Paul's like a little kid in a candy store with cable tv). At the desk, the clerk was calling a room - apparently our neighbor - and asking them to turn their music down. Things seemed fine until we turned the jets off on the jacuzzi...... and we could hear the music again. Apparently they got another call, because it quieted down for an hour or so. But when I woke up at the end of the movie (not my fault - warm bath, soft bed.... impossible to stay awake), the thumping music had started up again. It kept up until at least 1:30.
I didn't sleep that well - I hold to the notion that it's because the bed was so big and I couldn't snuggle up to Paul in the middle of the night. That may or may not be true, but it's possible. But since we stayed in bed until 9 and were just generally lazy, it made up for not sleeping well. I ate way too much again at breakfast - I ate most of the leftover fruit and cheese tray when I woke up, because I was starving, but when my breakfast got there at 9, I ate all of it, too. Oh well. It was free.
That's what we did for our anniversary. Sorry it's late, and that it's rambling. My brain just doesn't feel quite connected today.
Maybe I need a nap.


Last night, Paul put Nathan to bed, and the house was quiet as I got ready for bed and Paul checked his email or something on the computer. I had just thought to myself how Nathan must have gone right to sleep, when I hear:
"Daddy. DAAAADY. Dadeeeee. Daddy. Daaaaaadeeeee. Dadeeee."
He continued this for a couple minutes before Paul went up there. Paul said he walked into Nathan's bedroom, and Nathan was standing up in his crib, holding his sippy cup. He held it out do Paul and said, "All done," complete with hand motions. After Paul took the cup, Nathan laid down in bed and pulled up the cover.
Kind of reminded me of this clip.
(And by linking to it, I am not recommending Family Guy. However, it does amuse me occasionally.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Red Envelope Project

I heard about this at church, and am going to do it. I hope you will consider it as well.I was deeply disturbed that our country saw fit to elect a man who openly supports abortion, especially late term abortion.
  • If you don't know what late-term abortion is, I'll tell you: It is when a late-term baby, who could live on it's own outside the womb, is birthed feet-first except for the head. Then the baby's skull and brain are pierced with scissors, and a suction tube is inserted into it's skull to suck it's brain out. Make you sick? Me too. And we elected a man who thinks this should be legal.

This Red Envelope Project is an effort to let President Obama know how many of us disagree with his view on human life.

Over 38 million babies have been aborted in the United States since 1973 when abortion was legalized. In those 38 million could have been the genius who would discover a cure for cancer. They were soldiers, police officers, fire fighters and others who defend and protect us. At the very least, they were citizens who would provide revenue that may have prevented our country from being in this financial crisis.

On March 31st, mail an empty red envelope to the President. Address it
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

On the back, write: This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

There is a list of locations you can purchase red envelopes at on the website (Kinkos, etc), and also instructions for how to make your own out of paper you have on hand.

Take a stand. Spend 42c and take 10 minutes for human rights.

March 31st is NEXT TUESDAY.

(If you can't get it mailed Tuesday, they're still going to recognize the red envelope even if they get it a day or two later. Make the effort.)

Nathan Lately

We're really enjoying Nathan this spring. He is discovering and exploring and learning things so quickly. In the last week or so, he has added the words cup, hat, and apple, and the phrases "All done" and "It's stuck" to his vocabulary.
"All done" cracks me up when he says it, because he can't do it without hand motions. He holds one or both hands up and flips them back and forth. A lot like the sign language for "done" or "finished" - but I haven't done those for him for months, because he never responded to them.... I just kind of gave it up as pointless.
He is really into playing with his tractors and trucks. When they go forward, he makes the "mmmmmm" motor sound, and when they go backwards, he makes a "bee bee bee". I don't know where he picked that up, as we've never been around any vehicles that do it. I may have done it a few times early on when we got the toys. His trains always go "ch-ch-ch-woo-woo!" Totally cute.
He can do all the farm animal sounds (sheep, goat, horse, cow, chicken, rooster). We're working on donkey and duck. He can do a few other animal sounds (lion, monkey), but he plays with plastic farm animals, so that's what he sees more.
Yesterday, for the first time - ever, I think - we left him in the nursery without a meltdown. Paul took some time to situate him, then left for Sunday school with no crying. When Paul took him down during the service, he wanted to go to the nursery - he pulled Paul there, then left him at the door and went to play. I'm looking forward to the clingy/needy stage being over. It is so exhausting - especially since most Sundays I don't have a choice...... I have to lead worship, so that involves leaving him somewhere - in the pew with a grandparent or in the nursery. Up until now, he's screamed and cried, no matter where I leave him. Hopefully this is a glimpse at what Sundays will be from now on. I can only hope.
Last week, though, he made it clear through the service without going downstairs. It was Hymn Sunday, so I didn't have to get up to go lead, but he stayed in the pew and played quietly or drank his milk the whole time. I'm okay with that, too.
I think some people shake their heads when I end up taking him downstairs every service and wonder, "Why doesn't she just take him down there to start with?" It's because I want my kids to know how to be quiet and sit still for church, or for a wedding or funeral, or whatever. If I leave him in the nursery every week, and then after he graduates from the nursery, send him to children's church every week until he's 10, you end up with a child who has never had to sit still for church, and they don't know how to be quiet and listen. Then we end up with teenagers who read, pass notes, and text message during church because they never learned when they were little to sit still and pay attention.
Anyways. That was a soapbox that I never intended to get on. But that's where we are with Nathan.
Well, I need to start thinking about lunch for the minions I babysit. It's 10:30, and the "I don't want mac and cheese!" whining has already begun. Sorry, kiddo, but that's what your mommy brought, so you can eat it or go hungry.
And lest you think I'm mean, I do this to Nathan, too. It's my effort to dissuade picky eating. The problem with Nathan is, he's fine going without food. Sometimes I wonder how he's so healthy eating as little as he does.
Oh well.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Love My Family

So I was thinking this evening, after a talk with Brooke, about how much I love my family. I am blessed to have three siblings that I am good friends with, and parents that I consider my friends now, too. I guess not everyone can say that.
I mean, I know my family is weird and loud, but we have fun together. We love to talk and laugh and just enjoy time together.
I am blessed.

All four of us with Grandpa Carl back in January.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Or should it be, "Spring Sprang?"
It should probably be more like, "Spring Has Hopped."
My dad always quotes the old farmer's saying of, "If you hear frogs three nights in a row, it means spring's here."
Well, last night was the third night. And even though it cooled off overnight, they're at it again. I can hear them singing even with the windows closed.
Speaking of windows - we have slept with the windows open the last few nights. We've still got the extra blanket on our bed for winter, so it was a little stuffy. The fact that I sleep like an oven (according to hubby) probably doesn't help.
On a completely different note: after this weekend, I'm convinced our cat is some sort of spawn of Satan. He sleeps happily out in the living room until an hour before Paul has to get up, then he jumps up on the bed, and either starts chirping, comes and sits on the pillow right next to Paul's head and purrs loudly, or starts noisily licking himself. Or all of the above. And he only does this on nights when Paul has to get up for work, and it is always at 4 AM when he does it. Just late enough that if he wakes Paul up, he can't get back to sleep. So the cat is on my list. Not to mention I think he has spring fever, so he's been yowling around the house all week, but when I kick him out, he just sits at the door and yowls to be let back in.
Stupid cat.
I'm convinced if scholars went back and studied the manuscripts, they would find it wasn't a serpent that deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, it was a cat. Would not surprise me one bit. (Okay, so this part I'm kidding. Mostly. But cats are evil.)
We've spent large amounts of time outside almost every day this week. Nathan is so ready for spring. I am so ready for spring! We got a little bit of rain last night (the first in quite some time). It really started greening the field up. I got my garden seeds in the mail a couple weeks ago. Talk about really getting the itch!

Why haven't we done this every day, Mom?

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Jesus died on the cross."

Tonight when I was reading to Nathan before bed, we read the story "Jesus Is Arrested and Crucified" out of his Beginner's Bible. When we got to the above page, he just stared at it. I tried to turn the page to finish the story, but he kept turning back to it and talking to the picture and touching it gently. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but it's almost like he could tell it was an important thing. I know he's too young to understand the gospel message, but I told it to him anyways (very simplified). I am so looking forward to the day he asks Jesus into his heart. I hope I am there to witness it.
I will count myself a good parent if my kids grow up to love and serve the Lord, even if I fail at teaching them how to cook or do laundry or clean the bathroom properly.