Saturday, March 31, 2012

Motivation-Free Zone

Gah!  I cannot get motivated this morning.
So here I am.  With nothing to write about.....  But I'm hoping to find motivation in the bottom of this can of Dr. Pepper.  (Yipes!  It's my last one!  I don't know whether that means I need to get more, or that it's time to shut this caffeine consumption down before the baby gets here......)
Have I mentioned I'm loving this weather?  It is my new babysitter.  The boys can't get enough of being outside, so I just let them.  I can see them from the kitchen, so I just let them run.  They are happy.  I am happy.  Win-win.  I just have to make sure when they head outside in the morning, they have clothes on.  Jacob has discovered my inconvenient time.... When I'm putting on my stockings (it takes like 10 minutes with all the breathers I have to take).  Yesterday, he escaped with no pants...... And then Jehovah's witnesses showed up.  Today, he escaped completely naked.  I was fully expecting the cops to show up before I could get out there (because the Jehovah's witnesses had turned me in).
Don't you hate it when you try to teach your kids a lesson, and then it backfires on you?  We've had all the windows (and doors.....) open to let the fresh air in, and the other night, the bugs came in after dark, attracted to the lights.  The boys freaked out when they saw these small beetles - about the size and shape of a lightning bug, just all black.  I lectured them about how they weren't bad, they wouldn't hurt us..... Blah, blah, blah.  Later, when they were taking a bath, one of these bugs fell into the water.  Nathan, again, freaked out, and I said, "There is nothing to be afraid of!  Chill out!" while fishing said bug out of the water..... Well, the thing bit the CRAP out of my finger, drew blood!  Of course, my pride couldn't let the boys know that I was wrong, that they would hurt them.  Part of that is just because I don't want them climbing me and crying every time they see one.  So really, I'm just teaching them how to man up, right?  I have no idea what type of bug they are, but now they are definitely on the list of "bad bugs" in my book, and get squashed whenever I see them.
Well, I finished the DP.  I should get on it.  Paul asked me last night if I have my hospital bag packed.
I don't have the newborn baby clothes washed either.  So there is no shortage of tasks to keep me occupied. If I could only find where I put the motivation.......

Friday, March 30, 2012


Three times last week, different people told me that I'm "not that big" for being in my last month of my third pregnancy.  Then I had a doctor's appointment..... And I didn't gain any weight in 10 days!
Victory is mine!
However...... I've gained 50 pounds.  If I'm not carrying the weight in my belly, then there's only one other place I could be carrying it.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection in our picture window (we don't have a full-length mirror), and..... My body has a definite S-shape......
Belly.  And butt.
Unfortunately, only the belly deflates after you've had a baby.

I know that when you're pregnant, you shouldn't stress about your weight, and I'm not really.  But I don't need to gain any more.  Thirty pounds is considered healthy, and I'm obviously well past that.  I've gained more than with either boy, and I'm heavier than I've been, and it's taking a toll on my feet and back.  So, I'm trying to just stay put on the weight for the next 3 weeks.
But to those ladies that proclaimed me "not that big" - thank you.  You made my day.

Oh My Gosh

So, all of us have seen one of those women working in the yard, that later, we tell our husband/family/friends, "Ohmygosh, you would not believe what I saw this woman wearing while she worked in the yard!"  Even if you're not the malicious gossip that I am, you have to admit that you at least think to yourself, "Oh. My. Gosh.  What was she thinking?!?!"  (Who else saw the woman in the red swimsuit/dress thing on the corner house after church last week?)
I am that woman.
I tried to avoid it, but we have reached that point where my comfort is more important than my vanity.  These compression stockings are HOT - they have rubber in them, for pete's sake.  I try to get by with light capri pants and no socks, but it's been in the mid-80s.  I broke out the shorts.
So yesterday I was mowing and working outside in the stockings, topped with comfy sweats-material shorts.  They aren't that short on their own, but weren't staying in place.  Several times while I was mowing I looked down, and they have creeped up to higher than the "run-stop" top of the legs on the pantyhose.  To a fast-moving car driving by, it may have looked like I was not wearing pants (the shorts were close to the same color as my stockings).  If I wasn't on the mower, they would crawl up to my crotch, so I'm walking around with one side of my shorts looking normal, and the other not even visible.  (And because of the stockings I couldn't even feel that they were riding up.)
At least I had a normal t-shirt on, even if it was stained.....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness

And, no, I'm not talking about basketball.  The only reason I know that there's a basketball tournament going on right now is because it interests my husband.

I'm talking about this weather!  Our March this year has been more like May.  Paul had to mow the yard already, because it was about 10 inches tall in the back yard.  I was thinking about how ironic it is that he's mowing so early this year.  Last summer, he went from Independence Day to Labor Day (maybe even longer) without needing to mow on account of the weather.  Now, on the account of the weather, he is mowing ridiculously early!
But I'm not complaining!
It is perfect out.  Mid-70s, slight breeze.  My spring flowers are in full bloom, everything is brilliant green.  I could take this weather year-round.
So why am I inside?  I'm waiting for THIS to come out of the oven.

In other news.....
We celebrated our 8th anniversary this week.  It was definitely the most low-key anniversary we've had yet, I think.  (It was probably comparable to the two anniversaries when the boys were nursing, but I was so desperate for a date at those points, that they were incredible nights out!)
And I'm not saying that to say my husband failed.  Definitely not.  I didn't do anything for him either.  No card, no gift.
We had planned on going to a really nice fondue restaurant in the city, one that we went to when we were dating, but haven't been back to.  When the day of our big date (which was actually the night before our actual anniversary) rolled around, it was rainy.  I took the boys out to my parents for the night, and then came back home and Paul and I conferenced.  We both had had some digestive issues the previous several days, so we weren't sure about a fancy meal - you don't want to pay a lot for a meal you might regret later, you know?  So couple that with the weather (and the fact that the last romantic getaway in the city on a rainy day ended in THIS), we weren't really feeling like driving up to the city.  We talked about doing the dinner-and-movie thing at our local theater, but I didn't really want to see John Carter, plus I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be sitting for a two-hour movie at this point in pregnancy.  We'd already dressed up to go to the nice restaurant, so we went to Applebees.  Then we went to WalMart (so romantic) and bought a movie to watch (still cheaper than it would have been to go see a movie).  We went home, put on our comfy clothes, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - without having to worry about the volume being loud enough to wake up the boys.  Then I got to sleep undisturbed until 9:30 the next morning.  Paul and I spent the day chilling, running to town to the lumber yard, and working on some projects.
And you know what?  It was a great anniversary.

Monday, March 19, 2012

That Being Said.......

(See the last post.)
That being said, we do have some epic middle-of-the-night battles.  Jacob is a snuggler.  Like serial snuggling.  He wants to come to our bed a lot - let me tell you how that goes with this belly and two adults.  And I don't know really why - he never slept with us as a baby, but I think he just likes knowing everyone is close.  So that's not happening anymore.
And the hair.  He is obsessed with my hair.  I thought getting it cut where it wouldn't be hanging down in his face would fix that, but no.  Some kids suck their thumb, some have stuffed animals.... Jacob has my hair.  (I'm trying to break him of that, because in another year or two it just could get creepy to let him pet me.)
So, Jacob sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night.  (I think he's starting to try to night-time potty train, so he wakes up when he needs to go, but doesn't realize that's why he woke up.)  Sometimes he goes back to sleep fairly easily.  Then other times......
Example:  Saturday night.  (Sunday morning, actually.)  He woke up.  After he went potty and I got him some milk (whatever it takes to get him back to sleep at this point - 5:45 is the breaking point of "could technically get up because he has had nearly 8 hours of sleep.")  He wanted me to carry him upstairs.  Not happening.  (And hasn't happened for a couple months, I might add.  Me:  sleepy, fat, off-balance, carrying a 30-lb toddler up a dark flight of stairs.  Not really safe.)  Commence to screaming.  We get to his bed.  Then the excuse is he doesn't have milk.... While the sippy is in his hand.  It's half full, but he wants more.  (He hasn't even taken one sip.)  I refuse.  Bring on the excuses.
I want milk.
I want to snuggle.
I want water.
I want to go outside.
My shirt is unbuttoned.
I know I said "whatever it takes to get him back to sleep" - but I (we) have found, nothing makes him happy. He doesn't know what he wants, so if you give him what he thinks he wants (milk, in this case), then he'll want something else, and we still end up with the screaming and crying.  What works the best is changing the subject, trying to come up with a question that will make him stop and think.  But diversions didn't work this time.
So commence to battle.
I ended up spanking him twice for screaming (screeching, ear-piercing, bloody-murder screaming) and kicking.  He shares a room with his brother, who he woke up, and that behavior is unacceptable.
And you know what?  Once he got it through his head I wasn't giving in to his demands, he quietly went back to sleep.  Sigh.  Why is this level of drama necessary?
Me, on the other hand............

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bedtime Battles

I was thinking tonight...... after I put the boys to bed by myself (something that happens at least two nights a week, according to Paul's work schedule)......  We don't really have bedtime battles around here.
Although I would like to interject:  for the most part.  They do happen occasionally.
I am really grateful I don't have to deal with bedtime fights.  When Paul's gone, my sanity is limited if I have to deal with whining and defiance.  Maybe we have really good boys (we do, of course), but I think it's in part to the hard-nosed stance we've had on bedtime since the get-go.
And by "since the get-go" I mean, since they moved to their big-boy beds.  I am definitely a pushover when it comes to rocking and nursing a baby back to sleep.
Part of it may be that we make sure they're tired at bedtime.  We don't have a strict bed time.  If they didn't nap, it's earlier.  If they played hard outside all day, it's earlier.  If we've just laid around watching movies all day.... It may be 10 o'clock before we start our bedtime routine.  We can get by with this because we don't have anywhere to be in the mornings.
We pretty much have a no-tolerance policy once lights are out.  We try to make sure everything is done on the first go - potty, brush teeth, drink, collect stuffed animals.  Often, I will give them one chance - unless I specifically asked them to take care of it before they went upstairs.  (Like if the excuse is, "I need a drink," and they drank a whole glass of water right before they came up.)  And if there is a valid reason - scared of the howling wind or if their music turned off before he gets to sleep - I will let it slide.
But, yes, we do spank them for getting out of bed.  And I don't think it's wrong to do so.  If they've gotten up once (several times), I give them a warning, and have them repeat the warning, so they know if they are deliberately disobeying.  And you know what?  Usually, all we have to give is the warning.  Paul and I can have grown-up time (or I can have alone time), without worrying about little feet on the stairs.
And quite frankly, I like that.

This and That

So I'm sure this post will be all over the place.  Because that's how I've been lately.
I'd like to start off by talking about the weather.  It's still technically Winter, as the first day of Spring isn't until next Tuesday, yet it's been near or over 80 every day this week.  According to the frogs, Spring arrived two weeks ago.  I say "according to the frogs" because old farmer wisdom says that when the frogs are singing three nights in a row, Spring is here.  Everything is budded out; my spring flowers are in full bloom and they are GORGEOUS.
It's been so warm that we've slept with the windows open the last four nights.  Amazing.  However, with the warmth has arrived the humidity, and we're talking SERIOUS humidity.  (I was going to say 80% humidity, thinking I was exaggerating, but I looked at the National Weather Service site for our zip code, and it actually is 79%!)  When I woke up this morning the sheets were damp.  My compression stockings don't dry overnight when I wash them.
Speaking of compression stockings.... I've been bad this week.  I've gone two days without wearing them.  The first day, I was sick to my stomach, and spent most of it on the couch or in bed, so I didn't think it was a big deal to go without.  The second (Wednesday), it took until after noon for my stockings to dry from washing them at 10PM the night before (I told you it was humid!), and by then it was 80 and perfect outside, so I put some shorts on and worked outside.  The bad thing is.... My legs didn't hurt at all at the end of the day.  Now I'm tempted to go without more often, especially since it's so warm.  I told Paul, I will be a good girl until I have the baby, but then I will be rid of a lot of the extra weight and the extra fluids, so if I'm working outside, I will not be wearing them.  I'll get "analyzed" about 6 weeks after the baby gets here, then will have the actual procedure to get my fixed.  (I'll post a picture sometime so you can see how lovely they've gotten.)
Also on schedule to get fixed is my hernia.  Something has to be done.  It is twice as big as it was when I got pregnant, and if there is a lot of pressure on it, it makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Not that I really want surgery, but it can't be healthy to let this go any longer.  Plus - who needs a new van when you can spend all your money on hospital bills???  (Sigh.)
We've all been sick around here the last two weeks.  First Jacob got a stomach bug.  Then Paul got a cold.  Then Nathan got the cold.  Then I got a stomach bug (a different one than Paul, apparently, because me, my mom, and my sister all got sick at the same time on Saturday.... We think someone contaminated our Sonic drinks).  Then Jacob got a cold.  Then Paul got the second stomach bug.  With all 3 of them coughing and spewing germs all over the house, I knew it was inevitable.  Sure enough, Tuesday night I started coughing.  I'm pretty sure I've had a cold at the end of each pregnancy. At this point, the baby is big enough that it is actually up below below my ribs, making breathing hard enough as is.  There are two massive weights pressing down on my chest at all times.  (Yes, that IS what I'm talking about.)  Remember when I was talking about the humidity?  It makes it feel like I'm breathing water.  And I can't take anything - even most homeopathic remedies are advised against.  The doctor said one Sudafed a day (and I think Robitussin is okay, too).  So I save that for at night, so I can actually sleep (sort of).  Thankfully, it's not wiping me out as much as it could..... yet.  I'm only on day 3 though.
My due date is one month from tomorrow.  I've heard that little ones can tell, and both boys must sense it's getting close (as if the giant belly wasn't enough to clue them in).  They have been really snuggly and affectionate.  Jacob just melts my heart when he meets me at the door with a, "Mommy, you home!  Me missed you!" with that heart-breaker smile and a hug.  They are excited to meet the baby.
We got a new (to us) couch and chair.  One of Paul's co-workers told him he was trying to sell it several months ago, and Paul has been reminding me ever since.  It took me a while to convince myself.  I really liked our futon - it was long enough for me to stretch out on and it makes a great guest bed.  But it needed a new mattress - badly.  The least we'd shell out for a new mattress would have been $200.  And we have used the futon as a guest bed maybe a 4 times in the 8 years we've been married.  Then on top of that, our recliner broke.  The reclining mechanism gave out..... for the second time in a 2-year span.  It's a Lane, and has a lifetime warranty, but the labor to get it fixed is $50.  The new couch is a double recliner, and the chair has an ottoman, so it really was a good move up.  It's probably not exactly what I would have bought, but what I would have wanted to buy we couldn't afford.  I'll wait for "perfect" furniture for when we don't have kids or pets.  (As if I could ever make up my mind on what perfect furniture would be.)
I know I had more I wanted to write about, but I'm completely drawing a blank.  The reason for this post boils down to trying to avoid cleaning the kitchen.  Maybe I should quit avoiding it and get it done while the boys are napping (one of them, at least....the other one I'm sure will be down any minute trying to convince me that he's already slept).  If it got done this afternoon, I'd have a right to be lazy all night, right?

(And, as predicted, before I even finished proofing this, Nathan showed up at the top of the stairs - after he'd woken up Jacob.  Sigh.)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skipping Church

I'm skipping church for the first time in years.  In fact, other than having babies, I'm not sure of the last time I stayed home because of ME.  (There's been a few times of missing because one of the boys were sick or because we were snowed in.)
I was up all night with an upset stomach.... I couldn't decide if the constant churning and cramping was mercy or misery.  I'm guessing throwing up when you're 8 months pregnant would be pretty violent, but not being able to sleep because of the upset is pretty miserable, too.  Sometimes I'd just like to get it over with because you know you'll feel better.
But this morning I am better, I think.  I finally fell asleep around 5 AM, and got a few hours.  Paul took the boys to church so I could have a quiet house to rest.  I should be back in bed catching up on sleep, but my body is sore from laying there.  Sigh.
When we were praying last night, Paul said something about, "When we add to our family next month."  EEK.  It is next month!  Not that I didn't know that - duh - but I've been thinking in terms of weeks, and "6 weeks" sounds longer than "next month."
My mom and my older sister came over on Friday and flat-out GOT IT DONE cleaning my house.  They helped me organize the baby's room and the boys room, and dusted, swept and mopped up there - which probably hasn't been done since right before Jacob was born.  (Okay, I've swept and dusted.... a few times.) Mom took home all the cloth diapers to wash.  I got the car seat cover and the Boppy cover washed.  All that's left is the clothes, because I wanted to wait until just a bit closer so they don't get dusty or pet fur on them, but they are all sorted out and in the dresser.  I told Paul, if I go early, all he has to do is dump those two drawers into the washer.
We still haven't nailed down baby names.  We've talked about it a few times, and have sort of settled on two names (one for a girl, one for a boy), but haven't said for-sure-this-is-it.  But that's okay.  And I don't think we're going to announce the names - we've told a few close friends and family members (but I'm not even sure we've told our parents).  I got burned on doing that with Nathan.  We were planning on naming him Quinn, which is Paul's middle name, but everyone felt they had to tell us that "Quinn is a girl's name."  (WHICH IT'S NOT!!!!)  So I just don't feel like fielding people's opinions on the names.  We like them, so that's that.
I am definitely feeling this pregnancy more that I did with either boy.  I don't know if it's because I'm older (almost 30....shhhh), or because my hormones are different (read: it's a girl), or because two boys keep me completely worn out, but I am definitely ready to get this baby here.  I wasn't like that with either boy, at least until the week they were due.  I also have had some Braxton-Hicks contractions, which I never had with the boys.  It just proves that every pregnancy is different, I guess.  I apologized to Paul for how much I feel like I whine, and over-react to symptoms, but he said I'm not that bad.  "You do pregnancy well."
Well, now I'm uncomfortable sitting, so I'll try laying down again.  At least I started a good book this week.  Later, I'll try out eating something.... It's been 24 hours since I had "real food" so we'll see how it goes.

Monday, March 5, 2012


"Apparently it's just the day for Oh-Look-a-Chicken Syndrome."

Nathan could not focus at all on his school this morning.  Then this afternoon, I was trying to pick up the dining room, and just was not getting anywhere.  I need to call the doctor.  That reminds me, I need to mail this to insurance.  Oh, then I need to check this on the computer.  Where did that book go?.....  I finally gave up and went to find out what Paul and the boys were doing outside.
The "oh look, a chicken" comes from a quote I heard forever ago.  I tried to look up where it originated, but had no luck. For some reason I'm thinking it's from Ellen Degeneres.  It goes something like:  "Some people think I have Attention Deficit Disor....... Oh look!  A chicken!"  Paul uses it a lot in reference to me.