Saturday, March 31, 2012

Motivation-Free Zone

Gah!  I cannot get motivated this morning.
So here I am.  With nothing to write about.....  But I'm hoping to find motivation in the bottom of this can of Dr. Pepper.  (Yipes!  It's my last one!  I don't know whether that means I need to get more, or that it's time to shut this caffeine consumption down before the baby gets here......)
Have I mentioned I'm loving this weather?  It is my new babysitter.  The boys can't get enough of being outside, so I just let them.  I can see them from the kitchen, so I just let them run.  They are happy.  I am happy.  Win-win.  I just have to make sure when they head outside in the morning, they have clothes on.  Jacob has discovered my inconvenient time.... When I'm putting on my stockings (it takes like 10 minutes with all the breathers I have to take).  Yesterday, he escaped with no pants...... And then Jehovah's witnesses showed up.  Today, he escaped completely naked.  I was fully expecting the cops to show up before I could get out there (because the Jehovah's witnesses had turned me in).
Don't you hate it when you try to teach your kids a lesson, and then it backfires on you?  We've had all the windows (and doors.....) open to let the fresh air in, and the other night, the bugs came in after dark, attracted to the lights.  The boys freaked out when they saw these small beetles - about the size and shape of a lightning bug, just all black.  I lectured them about how they weren't bad, they wouldn't hurt us..... Blah, blah, blah.  Later, when they were taking a bath, one of these bugs fell into the water.  Nathan, again, freaked out, and I said, "There is nothing to be afraid of!  Chill out!" while fishing said bug out of the water..... Well, the thing bit the CRAP out of my finger, drew blood!  Of course, my pride couldn't let the boys know that I was wrong, that they would hurt them.  Part of that is just because I don't want them climbing me and crying every time they see one.  So really, I'm just teaching them how to man up, right?  I have no idea what type of bug they are, but now they are definitely on the list of "bad bugs" in my book, and get squashed whenever I see them.
Well, I finished the DP.  I should get on it.  Paul asked me last night if I have my hospital bag packed.
I don't have the newborn baby clothes washed either.  So there is no shortage of tasks to keep me occupied. If I could only find where I put the motivation.......

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Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

"I finally got my act together, then I forgot where I put it." (Susie Whitney. I quote her often!!! I get eggs from a lady who has triplet boys now in preschool but no odler than Nathan (I think) One of them always greets me in the buff.....
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Mom R