Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why It Is Completely Pointless to Attempt to Clean House While Children Are Awake

What you can't see very well is the bag of crayons scattered all over the floor between the piano bench and the book shelves.

I needed to do some filing, and in the 15 minutes it took me to do that, this is what they did to the room where the file cabinet is.
When I started the task, the room was clean and organized, except for the pile of music on the piano bench (half of the pile in the picture).
And people wonder why my house is always a mess.
And the bad thing was, they did this on Wednesday, and I haven't even bothered to clean it up. And they haven't bothered coming back in this room that they just HAD to play in while I was in there - even though the living room (where the TV and all their toys are) is like 10 feet away and if full view of me.

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~ April said...

Girl, your house looks better than mine! We finally cleaned up the girls play room... it was so bad even Haven was falling over things when she would try to walk around in there.
I figure some day I'll have a clean house when they are all in school or something like that...until then I try to just have one area that is toy/mess free to take refuge in.