Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That Springtime Itch

Things I'm dying to be able to do outside:
  1. Hang clothes on the line. (Need to build the clothesline first, though - we had to tear it down last fall when we replaced the cellar door.)
  2. Weed the flower beds, without getting muddy. (There's a fine line between too wet, and perfect moisture for weed pulling.)
  3. Till the garden. (It's still a sink hole.)
  4. Order seeds! (Gotta wait for the next paycheck.)
  5. Walk in the morning. (Except for the last few mornings, it's still pretty chilly in the morning - and windy, too.)
  6. See my petunias in my flower boxes in bloom.
  7. Let the boys run around outside half clothed. (Sounds kinda pervy....)
  8. Let Jacob run around half clothed, naked on the bottom - so we can start potty training!!!

Funny story, witnessed by my in-laws:

Doug and Janice were watching the boys while Paul and I were at praise team practice. They went outside to play, and after an hour or more, Nathan had to potty. We have designated "okay to potty here" areas outside - a certain tree, and "the green rock" (a moss-covered brick behind the shed). So Nathan goes to the green rock, and starts doing his business, and Jacob walks up to him, pulls up his shirt, and starts trying to undo his pants. He looked back and forth between Nathan and Grandpa, as if to say, "You guys need to help me do this!" I wish I could have seen it! He's starting to show occasional signs of readiness, but I'm not sure I'm up for the fight of trying to potty train him just yet, especially when he still doesn't talk!


Yellow Streaks said...

Where do you buy seeds from, Rachel? Caleb tilled up an area in the backyard for a garden, which I have never had, and I want to grow some veggies! :)

The Shupaloops said...

Millie has pooped on the potty a few times, but she still so isn't ready. We thought she was going to talk early because of all the jabbering, but it is still just jabbering. So I have no hopes that the few times she's done it means that she will train early. We'll see......and good luck to you too!