Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can I Be Real Honest?

Okay, so I'm going to be real honest here.
The scarf trend that's currently "in" - it bugs the crap outta me.
It's not the scarves themselves - most are gorgeous, and I'd buy one (or several) if I was the type of person to accessorize. It's not that people wear scarves with t-shirts. Whatever, really. It's how they wear the scarves that drives me crazy. Seriously, people - if you want to wear a scarf, wear it like a scarf, not like a freaking noose.
I mean - REALLY? Could you make it sound any more like you're trying to hang yourself?
But apparently all these women that I see that wear it this way have not Google-d "scarf" and seen that there are only 3 pictures out of the thousand or so images that come up that actually show anyone wearing a scarf like this. All the other pictures show the scarf fashionably draped around their neck like, well....a scarf.
Maybe this only bugs me because, as a mother, if I see my kid walking around with something around his neck like that, I freak out. So it's only natural that to see a full-grown adult walk around willingly with something around their neck like that, it makes me twitch.
Anyways. I'm glad I got that off my chest.


Rachel said...

-2 points for language. Sorry.

Scrat on Speed said...

Bad mommy. Unfortunately, it's not just women that adhere to this awful trend. I have two words for you: Will Schuester. That's all.

~ April said...

Oh, I'm terrible... that is actually how I wear my scarf... and put it on my girls too... not a decorative scarf but when its cold out "with my coat scarf". I wouldn't wear a decorative scarf that way... but I like the way it keeps it on and keeps my neck warm when I have my hands full I don't have to worry about a long part dragging or falling off.