Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am NOT that interesting!

I went to check my stats at, which I don't do often... The site is basically a site where you can stalk people that are stalking you. Okay, so maybe not stalk, but at least you can see how many people are visiting, where they're from, and what they're reading. I clicked on the World Map option. Holy cow! Why are all these people landing on my blog? I am NOT that interesting. (This is of the last 100 visitors.)


The Shupaloops said...

That's awesome!

~ April said...

Does your sitemeter tell you how many are reoccurent visitors? I have people find my blog and visit it once but never come back.... I figure a search landed them there but they didn't really want to read MY blog. Do you know people over seas who would read your blog?

Tricia said...

That dot out in Hawaii is me! :o) SO cool to have people from all over read your blog.