Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to Embarrass the Husband: Jumbo Size!

While I was fixing supper the other night, I asked Paul to get a can of olives out of the cupboard and get them in a bowl for the meal. He pointed out that he was using the last can, and that next time I should get the jumbo olives. I told him I like to get the medium-sized ones, because it seems like you're getting more for your money, and besides, I didn't like the texture of the jumbo ones (they tend to be mushy).
"Oh, I like the jumbo ones." He said in a very suggestive voice, with "that look" in his eyes, as he reached over and inappropriately groped a certain area of my body.
Unfortunately for him, his mouth worked faster than his brain, and apparently his hand did to, because the body part he grabbed while referring to "jumbo" was my backside.
As soon as he realized his slip-up, he got a mortified look on his face and apologized over and over. I thought it was hilarious, and about fell over from laughing. I think it was his acute embarrassment I found most amusing.
This has been two weeks ago, and he's still apologizing for it. Maybe there's some way I could use this to my advantage......

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