Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pardon the Deluge of Blogs

I thought each of the below deserved their own post, so pardon the deluge after so long of nothing. I think of these things, but don't get around to it.
I wanted to do a "real" post today, but Paul is expecting me outside shortly to tend the boys while he gets his pyromanical fix. (He's burning brush piles - and I think secretly hoping that the pasture will accidentally catch fire as well.)
Let me summarize what we've been up to. Paul sick two weeks ago. Boys sick last week. Me sick this week. Even though I had two days of misery, I don't think it was the same thing as Paul and the boys had - mine was pretty much all in my head (heh) and really only miserable for two days. It acts a lot like allergies/sinus stuff.
Despite the picture of the front room in the last post, I have been doing better about the house, sticking to my assignment list of different rooms on different days of the week. Maybe I'll get to the front room again next Wednesday, it's "assigned" day.
We have got some major spring fever around here. The boys are fighting all the time, and I find myself getting short with them. Yesterday and today we've been able to kick them outside and make them run it off, so maybe spring will be here soon.....
Well, I'd better scram. I've had some food victories recently, and will blog about those soon (with photos!).

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