Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Tiny Tushies in Tighty Whiteys

Despite what I figured would happen, Jacob is well on his way to being potty trained. We started just about a month ago, because he was very interested in the potty - especially peeing standing up. So we started messing around with it, and despite what I figured would happen, he took to it! We did naked bottom for a week or so, then just training pants, then just pants (pajamas or other elastic-waist, light-weight), then pants with training/underpants. After two days at my parents house, church, and an afternoon at Paul's parents' house with no accidents (while wearing underpants and jeans/slacks), I think I can safely say "He gets it." He even poops in the potty, which is something Nathan didn't get for several months after he was trained. I honestly didn't think he'd take to it, or even if he wanted to that he would really be able to.
Since he still doesn't talk, he doesn't tell us he needs to go, so we make sure to ask every hour or two - the answer is always "YEAH" (the one word he does say). But he holds it, so that's what tells me more than anything that he gets it. Because even if he isn't saying he needs to go, he's not going whenever he feels like it. Occasionally he does come get me and lead me to the bathroom. Or he starts playing with himself, which is some sign language I could definitely go without seeing!
I did laundry Friday, but even though I washed everything, when I folded clothes, there were only 3 pairs of training pants. (I'm not sure if the others ended up with the cloth diapers or what.) So today, I grabbed one of Nathan's tiny pairs of tighty whiteys and put them on Jacob. Can I just tell you how cute their tushies look running around in those things? I'm going to have to buy another package, because I figured Nathan would be out of this size before Jacob got into them. (Incidentally, you can't buy white underpants in any size smaller than 4, and I refuse to buy cartoon character underwear.) I did buy Nathan the next size up, but they are too big - I had to roll the waistband to get them to stay up. So I guess they'll share for a while.
In other Jacob news: He seems to be trying harder to talk. This weekend, he stood on the step and Grandpa and Grandma's and said "Daaa. Daaadaa. Daaaa," until Paul came and opened the door for him. In the last week, he started saying "ow" for cow, and said milk and more fairly clearly. I asked him to say something tonight, and you could tell he was really thinking about what came out of his mouth and how it sounded. (It was, "I love you," when we were talking to Paul on his way to work.)
And I had my first experience in catching Nathan in a lie tonight. I have suspected that some tattlings have been a lie ("Jacob hit me!" when I walk in the room and both of them are screaming), but didn't know for sure, since Jacob can't tell his side. Tonight I asked Nathan to get something from his room, and he came down and said everything was under his bed. (Sometimes he strips everything off his bed when he gets sent upstairs when he's in trouble, so I figured he had shoved everything under there in a new version of protest.)
"Who put everything under your bed?
"Jacob." (I knew for a fact Jacob had not been upstairs at all during the day.)
"Nathan, who put everything under your bed?"
"Jacob did."
"Nathan, Jacob wasn't upstairs today. Who put everything under your bed?"
"I don't know."
"I'm not going to spank you. Who put everything under your bed?"
"I did."
I did say something about how it makes Jesus sad when we don't tell the truth. But I know that the concept of truth and what a lie is may still be a little vague to a 3-year-old. I hope he did see that it upset me, and that I showed that it was safe to tell the truth.
(Incidentally, there was nothing under his bed except a few toys he couldn't reach and some Kleenex he must have pulled out of the box weeks ago when the box was still on his headboard.)

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