Thursday, April 28, 2011

News Brief

Jacob said another word: Ball! He repeated it when I asked him, then went back to his generic, "Ah" that he uses for everything. Sigh. But he's getting there!
Nathan colored his picture at Cubbies for the first time tonight. He sometimes "writes" on it, but doesn't actually scribble or color - he's tried then gets frurstrated and quits. This time he scribbled purple the pants and vest of the child in the picture, with no whining about "I can't do it!" I'm so proud. He's also asked to write his letters (we have a wipe-off letter book) the last two days - and he's done it left-handed. So in my prep for preschool next year, I'm also researching how to teach a lefty to write!

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Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

Don't bother with reading up on how to teach a lefty. Talk to a lefty. ASK MY BROTHER. DO NOT MAKE Nathan hold his left hand the way a righty does. If Nathan chooses to write from the top so he can see his work LET HIM!!!!!!!! If he chooses to hold it the way a righty does LET HIM. Trying to change what he does naturally will ruin any chance of neat writing.
I noticed the other week that Nathan was coloring very precisely trying to stay in the lines...... but he was using his right hand that day. Would be great if he could use both equally.
Enuf of my soapbox.
Mom R