Friday, April 29, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Have you ever had one of those weeks/months where it feels like all you're doing is run, run, run, but you have absolutely nothing to show for it? That's been me. I feel like we've been incredibly busy the last few weeks, but I can't tell you with what. Maybe partly because we're spending more time outdoors, which involves work and not sitting on my backside - but I don't really have anything to show for it. I did get.....half a flowerbed weeded. Okay, so I've got three others done, but they all got done in one day, and this one out front has taken me two weeks to do half (and Paul did half of it!).
We have a good start on our garden. We had a perfect spring, moisture-wise, where it was actually dry enough to work the soil without it clodding up. I got in 2 rows of beans, 2 rows of peas, 1/2 of onions, 1/2 of carrots, 4 rows of corn, 6 tomatoes, 6 peppers, 6 broccoli, 2 hills of cucumbers, and 1 each of zucchini and yellow squash. That sounds like a lot, but I've still got some other stuff I want to get in! And of course, now it's wet out there. Although, as windy as it's been, we should be able to get out there again on Monday when Paul is off next.
Well, I'm making cookies for Paul to take to work. I'm in the middle of a double batch of double-chocolate mint, with a double batch of chocolate/butterscotch chip still to come. I need to get some dirty dishes out of the way before I can get any more baking done.

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The Shupaloops said...

I feel the same way too, other than I have Jack's birthday this weekend and I feel like I am running around crazy to prepare.
And I wish we had your spring. It blew, it snowed, it hailed, and the sun shined today. So that is wonderful. We do have everything weeded, but it is sad you can't plant a garden at the end of April because there is still a chance it could freeze. That's Utah baby!