Monday, April 25, 2011


Marriage wouldn't be any fun if I didn't have anything to nag you about.

I have written my opinions on nagging before, and I really feel like I have gotten better about it (I think Paul would agree), so the above comment was a teasing one. We are reading through The Love Dare, and the last two dares have involved unity. We were talking about how we feel we are pretty unified and see eye-t0-eye on things. We have lots of similar interests and friends, but we still are two individuals - I am not "married to myself". That conversation is preceded the quote above.
Yes, I realize it's supposed to be 40 days, and we're pushing 4 months. I'll write a review here when we finish it. We just finished Day 31.

Incidentally, Justin..... (I know you read this.) What was that comment during Sunday morning's rehearsal that I told you I was going to put on my blog? Email me.

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