Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Weeks (Already?!)

Well, our precious little girl is already two weeks old.  What are we up to?  Let me tell you:
Zadie is still sleeping a lot.  Yet somehow, I'm not getting enough sleep.  She sleeps a solid 12 hours every night, waking up every four hours or so to eat..... It's just when she decides to begin her night that we're still trying to establish.  3 AM, 12 AM, 10 PM, back to 2 AM, then 11:30 PM....  She's fussy for the last couple hours before she goes down, and will give us several false starts (or false ends?  falls asleep, but only for a few minutes).  My boys were like that, too, but their fussy time was more like 6 to 8 PM.  Not I-feel-like-my-eyeballs-are-oozing-out-of-my-head midnight to 2 AM.
Even though she still seems tiny, she seems so much bigger.  She's stretching out and plumping up nicely - the cheeks are even chubbier, if you can believe it.  Her little thighs are filling out.... Looking more and more like Mommy's.  Her skin is just perfect - I still stroke her cheeks about 3,000 times a day.
We're back to normal with the boys.  Nathan is back to school (which he has actually been since our first day home), but we're only averaging 3 days a week lately.  Basically, if we go somewhere in the morning, we don't do school that day.  And anytime we go somewhere, it's in the morning, because naps are sacred around here. (And I want to make sure the boys get their naps, too. :) )  We'll get finished with his preschool eventually..... About a week before we start his kindergarten, at this rate.
We're trying to crack down on disrespect and back-talking around here.  The boys really only do it to me.  I don't know if they are seeing what it takes to get me to interrupt nursing and come do something about it, or what, but it is driving me crazy.  Paul says we need to instigate a more strict spanking policy until they get it through their heads that this is not acceptable.  I agree, but....  When you almost have the baby asleep, you don't really want to wake her.  But that's part of parenting, I guess.  (Plus, the likelihood she'd actually wake up is pretty slim.  She's used to their noise, and I'm convinced actually sleeps better when there is noise.)
Our garden is up, and looking great.  We planted 3 rows of peas, 4 rows of beans, 8 rows of corn (sharing with Paul's parents), 8 tomato plants, 8 broccoli plants, a row of onions, and two hills each of watermelon, canteloupe, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini.  Only half of the hills came up (so far), and I can't remember exactly what they are..... I know the cukes are up, but not sure on the others.  We've got a volunteer patch of lettuce (and a second one growing out by our woodpile.....figure that one out), and Paul and Jacob planted a small patch of radishes also.

Okay, well, Miss Munchkin is awake again.  I knew her falling asleep at 8 o'clock was too good to be true.

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~ April Darling said...

So happy things are going well! You're way better at the post baby parenting than I was. I let my girls get away with way too much because of the new baby. Now its been work to get things back to normal. Keep up the great work! Hope you get more rest! I understand the tiredness!