Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Morning

Occasionally, we have a normal Saturday morning around here.  And by "normal," I mean, the type of Saturdays that most families seem to have.
This morning, we're up, but all still in our pajamas.  The boys are eating dry cereal and drinking smoothies while watching cartoons.  Paul is away doing something manly, but will be home by lunch.
With Paul's every-other-weekend working schedule, this doesn't happen that often.  Even on his Saturdays off, we don't have lazy mornings that often.... Don't know why.
So I'm going to enjoy this morning.  And try to update my blog.
Zadie turned one month old this week!  Seriously?  Where did the time go?  She celebrated.... By waking up, refusing to take naps, and rejecting her pacifier.  (Seriously, those things are a crutch that all to quickly one becomes dependent upon!)
Okay, so she's not totally refusing to nap, at least not to the extent the boys did.  But going from sleeping all the time, to being awake all the time was a change that took some getting used to.  She is happy sitting in her Boppy or bouncy seat and looking around for stretches of time, so that helps that she doesn't have to be in my arms all the time - the boys had to be.
What else about the little miss?  She's starting to smile and coo.  She's very hot blooded.  We've found if she is really fussy, undressing her and letting her lay in just her diaper will settle her down.  She's slept 8 HOURS STRAIGHT the last two nights.  Of course, I don't go to bed when she does, so I have yet to get 8 in a row, but I'm getting about 6, and let me tell you, it's been amazing.
As obvious from my last post, we've had lots of whining lately.  I need to frame Philippians 2:14:  "Do all things without complaining or arguing."  Maybe tattoo it on my kids.  They do argue with me some, but I can win those usually.  But the arguing with each other, about stupid things, drives me crazy.
Jacob:  "There's a goose!"
Nathan:  "That wasn't a goose."
As I stated in an earlier post, we've had to crack down on defiance and back talk.  It's gotten better.  But still, it seems like they're just testing us.  "What are you gonna do about it, Mom?"  And often, as soon as I do do something, that's the end of it.  They just want to see how far they can push.  I wish that testing boundaries wasn't part of childhood....  It would make my job so much easier.
I knew I wasn't shedding baby weight very fast, but I was slightly disheartened when I stepped on the scale at my sister's house and found out I've only lost 15 lbs.  8 of that was a baby.  And that was a month ago.  I've got to get this eating under control, and find some way to get regular exercise with our family's schedule.  We go on walks a lot, but with 3 kids, it's little more than a mosey.  I know that the eating is the main problem, though.
We're still looking at getting a van.  We kind of said June is when we'd seriously look.  We found one that's pretty much exactly what we want at a dealer in Lawrence.  It's a Toyota Sienna, with the optional middle seat in the middle row of seats - so it could seat 8.  (Not that we're planning on having a family of 8, but it will be nice to have room for friends and cousins.)  We're going to have to take out a loan, whether it's this van or another, which stresses me out, but I've decided to trust God and let him lead my husband on this.  I'm such a worry-wart and stress over finances, that if it were up to me, I'd keep saying, "No."  But God has ALWAYS provided what we need when we need it.  I need to get better at trusting.
Well, the boys have been watching TV for an hour and a half.  This show is over, so I think I'm going to shut the TV off and make Nathan do school.  On a Saturday.  Because I'm mean.  (And because I want to finish his preschool before September!)  Really, the main reason is because we've only done school 3 days (maybe?) this week.
So our normal-for-everyone-else Saturday is going to end up being a normal-for-us Saturday.
I love our life.

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We have an 8 seat Toyota Sienna and love it!!