Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three Weeks: Life Is Back to [the New!] Normal

I have some unexpected free time tonight..... Paul came home from work and decided it was the perfect night for some backyard camping.  So he and the boys are out in the tent, and Miss Zadie actually went down on the first try tonight (just before 10), instead of 11:30 like the past several nights.
So here I am with a quiet house and nothing to do.....  I started a load of laundry, tidied up the kitchen, and took a shower.  I could fold laundry, but I wouldn't want the laundry fairy to having nothing to do.  (Someone needs to tell her that she really needs to get on that pile!)
Zadie is three weeks old today, and I really feel like life is back to normal.  She still doesn't really have a schedule, but I feel like we know each other and the boys know what's going on and what's expected (even though they still like to push it sometimes).  Paul went back to work two weeks ago (when she was a week old), but this last work burst (yesterday and today) really felt like I had a handle on things - rather than just getting by until he got home to help.  (He's gone 14 hours when he works, so it really is a long haul to get through the day.)
We've been calling Zaide "Missy" when we talk to her.....  Paul said he's not sure how he feels about that as a nickname.  I don't think it's going to be one that sticks, because to me, it's like calling the boys "Buddy" - it's just what I call little girls.  I don't really like calling her "Sissy" (no offense to my sister).  I didn't realize how much I called her this until Jacob started greeting her with, "Hi, Missy!  You awake?" every day.
I weeded the 3 rows of peas today, and got my first "Rachel Sunburn" of the year.  It's not very red, just slightly pink (and not nearly as extensive as the picture in the link).  The problem was I couldn't keep my pants up.  I'm too fat for my own jeans still, so I was wearing some hand-me-downs from my mom (that she's too skinny for now - way to go Mom!), and they were slightly too big, so were falling down when I bent over.  Oh well.  Those rows are weeded, and I hope to get the rest of the garden taken care of this week while temps are GORGEOUS in the 70s.
Well, despite my blissful 2-hour nap this afternoon, I feel like I could turn in.  And I know I need to, it's just that I feel like I should also be productive while I have an almost empty house.  Oh well - there's always tomorrow. :)

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Amy Jo said...

Love the updates! Happy for you and your new normal.