Tuesday, November 15, 2011

True Love = Chipotle

Paul's parents offered to keep the boys overnight last night (Sunday), because they hadn't done an over-nighter (or much at all) over there for a while.  So Janice took the boys home from church, and I went home to be productive while I had an empty house (Paul was working).
Or..... not.  But I did manage to clean the living room and bedroom.
On a side note - has anyone else ever noticed it's not so much cleaning as just migrating all the junk to another room?  The living room looked great - cleaned, organized, dusted.... But you should have seen the dining room table!  That's where all the "this doesn't belong in here" stuff ended up.
Anyhow.  Back to our kid-free night.
The original plan was Paul would pick up Applebee's to-go on the way home from work, and we'd rent a Red Box movie and actually start it before 9 (10) o'clock (which is when our kids finally go to sleep).  Oh the bliss of the thought!  A grown up movie, without having to worry about getting up to put someone back to bed or that the volume is too loud.
Paul texted me Sunday morning as I was getting the boys ready to go to church.  Chipotle for supper?
Be still my heart.
I love Chipotle.  LOVE.  Paul is not a fan.  So for him to suggest it..... I knew it was just for me.
We ended up watching Inception - I'd heard a lot about it, and my brother loaned it to us a month or two ago, but we'd not gotten around to watching it (due to time/children constraints).  But even starting it by 8, I was still out an hour in to the movie.  (Chipotle in my belly = narcoleptic effects.)
I did keep waking up off and on to kind of have an idea of what was going on.  But what I noticed most is that the movie really has striking similarities to the books I'm reading right now, The Circle series by Ted Dekker (Black/Red/White).  Like enough to make me wonder if the writer of the movie had read the books (which were written in 2003).
So it really was a great night by ourselves - and a great morning of sleeping in until the unheard-of hour of 9 AM.  Even if I did fall asleep.  Paul is used to it by now.  And having gotten up at 5 AM for work, he was ready to crash by 11, too. :)

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