Saturday, May 21, 2011


Paul is at his parents' house, helping with a project, and I'm waiting to be sure the boys are asleep before I head outside to do some yard work. (They slept until after 9 this morning -!!!!- something they have never done, so that's why I'm not sure naps will go on the first attempt.)
It feels like we've been busy the last couple weeks, but I can't tell you with what. This week has been a bit busy - Jacob had his one-year follow up after his surgery. The doctor said everything looked great, so he shouldn't need to see him again. Then Thursday was his regular check-up (18 months). He's 33 inches and 28 pounds! No wonder I've got toned biceps. Other than his still-delayed speech, he is perfect.
The doctor's office called Infant Toddler Program to do an assessment on Jacob's speech. Part of me is like.... GRR! He does not need this! The other part of me is like.... It's our dang tax money paying for this, so I might as well use it! So they're coming this week to start whatever it is they do. I don't like the fact that they're coming to the house.... That's the only way they do it, and even though they market it as "it's more comfortable for the child" - I know it's really so they can check out his living situation and see if he's being neglected or abused. (Same reason the county Health Department brings a "gift bag" out after your baby is born.)
I have been so tired this week. It was cool and cloudy/rainy the last three days, so I know that's not helping. I went for a walk this morning, and that seemed to help. I need to be productive outside for a couple hours while the boys are asleep.... We'll see how that works. I told Paul I'd finish mowing for him, and I'd like to plant some marigolds he bought me.
The roof is finished! We did have a little bit of leakage on the south side when we had a storm with some major wind blow in straight from the south last week. But in the last three days of rain (several inches) I haven't seen a single drop. We got the bill this week, and..... Praise the Lord! It was about $1000 less than I was expecting it to be. I about cried - it seems like any surprises that have to do with finances lately have been in the other direction. I am going to put a note about the leak in when I send a check, and I'm sure they'll come look at it. I've known these guys for my whole life, it seems - they did pretty much any construction/remodeling stuff for my parents when I was growing up, so I'm pretty sure they'll want to uphold their reputation. :)
We finished up Walk Kansas a couple weeks ago. We met our goal - we walked the equivalent of the entire distance across Kansas, and past Limon, CO.
We finished 37th out of 45, which isn't great, but considering the ailments our team was plagued with, I'm pretty proud of the progress. Christina had a sinus infection and wasn't out of bed for a week, Lurenda had pneumonia and was out for the same, I was in the hospital for two days, and out of commission for another couple after that, and Brooke had digestive pyrotechnics one week followed by tonsillitis/strep/urinary tract infection the next. Did I miss anything? And may I just say the weather didn't help out any. Starting it on the first day of spring was misleading.... I'm not sure we were above 40 for half of those days. But it did what I wanted it to - jump-started me to walking more often, and realizing what I need to get me more energy. (And may I say, I'm pretty proud of how my lower legs look now, too.)
Well, Jacob is down. Nathan is humming to himself (he's in our bed), but I think if I mow on the far side of the house, he may go ahead and fall asleep. Better get on it, day's a-wastin'!


Anonymous said...

"Daniel is going to be performing on one leg today, so I want to hear NO EXCUSES from any of you!"

Rachel said...

I don't get it. Explaination and identification, please.

Rachel said...

Way to not sign it, Carl.