Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taking Things for Granted

Sometimes I realize that I took things for granted how easy they were with Nathan. Like getting him to talk. He has always talked, always interested in talking, and easily picked up new words. Jacob.... He's got seven words now that are mostly distinguishable: Mom, Dad, more, milk, cow, bye, night-night, and uh-oh. (Okay, so that was eight, but I'm not sure uh-oh counts.) But he just doesn't seem to be interested in learning more or practicing the ones he does know. And he shuts down when you push him. Like he walks to the fridge and says, "Mil?" Then you say, "What did you say?" And he'll revert back to his usual hm or ah. (Oh, and he says "yeah" too. So that's another one.) So he's maybe a little behind for his age, but to me it seems like he is way behind, because Nathan was speaking sentances by this age. I just took it for granted.
Another thing I took for granted was how easily Nathan switched to a big bed. We got Nathan a new bed when he was about this age (a month or two older) and he switched right over. Jacob is not taking to it so easily. We got the bed Tuesday. He slept in it Tuesday night, woke up screaming at 5, and then wouldn't go back to sleep. (The trash truck came, and both boys saw it from their window, so it was game over, especially since they could see it was already getting light out.) We tried nap in it yesterday, but after 3 attempts, I finally put him down in the crib. He went to bed fine last night, but woke up at 6, crying again. He cried when I put him down for a nap today, and also at night, so he's been in the crib again. (Paul's working nights, so I don't have the backbone to fight with him.)
I just had the thought: it may be because he's switching beds and switching rooms.... Maybe we should try putting the bed in his room first, and letting him get used to it, then move him across the hall. But he has to be in Nathan's room by the time it's air conditioner season, so we're pushing him.


Tricia said...

I think it's common for the first child to talk better/sooner than the other children. It is certainly that way for my kids. Gabbie is 3 and I still don't understand all of what she says, and other people don't understand a lot of what she says. I worry at times, but have been told by the DR that as long as I understand 75% of what she says (at this age) she is still doing well. SO I try not to worry... ha ha
Natalie can almost always understand what she says, so when I don't I just ask her and she knows 95% of the time. LOL

The Shupaloops said...

I think it is that second child syndrome everyone talk about. Millie jabbered so we thought she would be our talker. Nope. She will be two in September and she only has about ten words that she says clearly. So don't worry. We put Jack in a bed at two and I don't think Millie will be ready for one until closer to Christmas. On the other hand Millie is more daring than Jack and is more silly and care free. Every child is different. Oh and we thought Millie would potty train earlier too because she is so interested and no such luck with that yet. So heads up to you on that one!

~ April Darling said...

At least your youngest is interested in potty training! That's huge!!
My first talked so early, so well and SO much (still!) and my second could hardly say anything. I figured it was the second child syndrome and just thought she'd catch up. But had her evaluated anyway and found she needed speach therapy. It has really helped her! I can now understand about 85% of what she says (she's three now).
Good luck with the crib/bed issue... I don't know what to say, my girls both loved moving to their big girl beds.

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

About the beds: Maybe he has too much of his grandma in him....... He screams here too but the last time he gave up quicker cause he figured Grandma just wasn't going to give in. I really think it is more a battle of wills. And NO ONE likes change all that much. Hang in there. There is no sign of emotional damage!!! As much as he looks up to Nathan things will fall into place soon enough...talking bed etc.