Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Stage Laparoscopic Right Fowler Stevens Orchiopexy

Yeah. That's the full name of Jacob's surgery. And we had no less than four people say, "Okay, it looks like Jacob is here for a [blah blah blah]. Is that right?"
Uhhh..... Was that English?
Paul, the wonderful, polite, proper husband of mine said under his breath, "Why don't they just call it a 'right nut hunt'?"
The surgery went great. Better than great even, because even though this was supposed to be "1st stage" it ended up being first AND second. When the doctor was checking him over before surgery, he felt around on Jacob's groin and found that the testicle had dropped since his last appointment, so it wasn't that far away from where it should have been. (He had originally thought it was up closer to his kidneys, which apparently is the "point of origin" - which also explains something to me: why guys say it makes their stomach hurt to get kicked in the goods.) So they were able to pull it down and tether it next to the other one. It was an answer to prayer that we hadn't even prayed - we just were praying that THIS surgery would go well, not that we wouldn't have to do another.
He had an inch-long incision near his hip, and another on his scrotum (which they super-glued shut - awesome). They told us the surgery would probably take just over an hour, but the doctor came and got us after 45 minutes, and said everything went well. We had to wait another 45 minutes or so before they came to get us and said he was waking up. The nurse took us back to him, and he was conked out on the child-sized hospital bed. He had an IV in his hand, and a monitor hooked up to his foot.... Poor guy. I picked him up, and he opened his eyes and looked at me, then tried to nurse (it had been 6 hours). So we just sat in the chair and snuggled for a while. Then they told us whenever we wanted, we could change him into his clothes and take him home. We were there just about 3 hours total.
That night Jacob was squirming in my arms, so I laid him down on the floor. He rolled over and immediately started trying to crawl - apparently nothing like a little surgery will keep this big guy down!
And speaking of "big guy" - we found out he weighs nearly 19 pounds. He's a giant.

Tiniest little hospital gown. But he's still kind of adorable in it.

Before surgery. 6:30 in the morning.
After surgery - IV in his arm.
One of the incisions. I'm just amazed at how non-invasive surgery can be these days.

12 hours after surgery. The "X" on his leg is the doctor's "note to self" - this is the side we're working on.


revision rhinoplasty beverly hills said...

Medical science has really advanced and I am glad that things went well with you guys.He is a such a darling and may God bless him to have a wonderful life.I am happy you had the courage to go ahead with the surgery.

Rosanna said...

We have just found out that my little man needs orchiopexy surgery. Reading your blog has given me some bit of comfort. I'm hoping all goes well with him. Wishing your cutie son all the best.

Amanda said...

I realise your post is now over 2 years old, but my son is scheduled to have this surgery in 2 days from now. He's 20 months old. I would love to hear more about your experience, your son's recovery, and the results after surgery (did they stay in place?) If you have the time: