Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 Months: 1st Tooth, Sitting, Crawling, NAPS!!!

....Okay, so maybe not quite crawling yet. But definitely up on his hands and knees. He doesn't quite have the move the knees, move the hands down yet - he usually gets the knees forward then does a dive. I'm going to pronounce him "able to sit" - he wobbles occasionally, but most the time if he topples over, it's an intentional action to get to that intriguing toy that's just out of reach.
And we F.I.N.A.L.L.Y got that first tooth. I've sworn he's been working on it since the middle of January. And I thought it made an appearance about a month ago (rough spot, white peeking through), but apparently not.... This is the OTHER front bottom tooth. I think he's finally figured out (a week later) that chewing on his fingers is going to hurt from here on out. So he chews on his toes instead.
.....I wish it were possible for me to look cute when I stick my foot in my mouth.
We're starting to mess around with solid foods. He had his first cereal last week. A few days later I tried cereal mixed with some banana. You should have seen his eyes when I put that bite in his mouth. What the deuce?? We're not going to get serious about it until after he's 6 months, though.
Jacob has FINALLY started taking naps. My life can begin again! Seriously. I've been waiting 5 months for this. I don't know how I discovered it, but I started putting him to sleep on his belly. I know "experts" say you're not supposed to do that, but I figure he rolls over onto his belly by himself anyways when he sleeps, why not put him down that way to begin with? If I don't put him on his belly, he wakes up in about 20 minutes. (And has slept enough to take the edge off and doesn't want to go back to sleep, but not enough that he's not cranky.) I don't know if I can describe how wonderful it feels to know I will have a couple hours each afternoon to get stuff done around the house. Or sit on my backside. Whatever I feel like doing!
Easter this year was awesome. We had an incredible church service (very Holy Spirit-inspired), followed by a great afternoon with my whole family. Paul had to work, though... The only damper on the day.
We finally got the garden plowed. It was such a wet winter that we never got in there after the plants died. Heck, we could hardly get in there even BEFORE the plants died - we didn't even get it tilled! We still had tomato vines and corn stalks everywhere. Paul managed to get it plowed the afternoon before it rained last Thursday. A few days later, he was able to get half of it tilled twice (the other end was still too wet).... Then it rained again that night. I may never get anything planted. But last year we had an exceptionally good garden, so even if I don't get as much in, we should have some left over to carry us part way through winter at least.
I have gotten to exercise three times this week. I haven't exercised hardly at all since Jacob has been born. Monday I told Paul I wanted to walk, but didn't get left when I wanted, due to a little someone not wanting to take his nap. I knew if I didn't go for a walk, I'd eat all afternoon, because I was dragging. (I eat when I'm tired. And bored. And happy. And.... Well.... I just like to eat.) Paul had a chiropractor appointment he needed to leave for in 20 minutes. So I took off walking, and checked my watch before I was even halfway and I definitely wasn't going to get as far as I wanted if I only had 20 minutes. So I started jogging. I ended up jogging a mile! I walked 1/4 mile or so on either end of it. I am proud of myself, that I could do that without killing myself. (Long, cold winter indoors, coupled with having one or the other boy awake and in the living room where I could do an exercise DVD, made exercise virtually impossible.)
My legs were seriously sore the next day, so I didn't go again (and the 30 mph sustained wind was a big deterrent, as well). But yesterday and today I've gotten out again, jogging a mile, and walking a mile. It feels SO GOOD. The beautiful spring weather is a wonderful motivator, too. My lower back does hurt today, but I think that's from muscles being used that haven't been used in a LONG time - they're finally getting back in place after having two pregnancies! (About time.)
We are going on a little trip this weekend to see my little sister direct her school's play. My whole family is going out (minus the brother in law - it seems like if Paul's there, Keith's working, or vice versa). It should be fun. And interesting. :)
And it looks like the weather this weekend is going to be GORGEOUS!!! I don't know if I've ever been so excited about Spring. It was a really rough winter.
Well, I have loads of laundry to fold. I still haven't folded last laundry day's laundry. Or the towels from the time before that..... We are completely out of towels in the kitchen and the bathroom..... They're clean, just not folded an put away.... We keep going to the pile when we need them. I should probably get on that since we need to be able to find the clothes we need to pack....

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