Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Days.....

It's days like these that I understand why some mothers can beat their children. Not saying I beat mine, but just that I understand the frustration and wanting some way to get your point across. Days like these I just want to shake my head, laugh, cry, and scream - all at the same time.
Currently I'm listening to Nathan cry, scream, and kick the wall next to his bed. Do something, you say? Don't allow that type of behavior? I've spanked him at least 5 times already. I've tried explaining what I expect, giving in to his little requests... No blanket, yes blanket, no Cat, I want Cat!, music, music off!, new diaper.... No dice. He's just going to get ignored until he falls asleep.
Also screaming is Jacob, who refuses to sleep. He was asleep in my arms.... Until as we went up the stairs, we encountered Nathan coming down the stairs. When told (quietly but firmly) to get back in bed, Nathan wailed all the way back up, waking Jacob. Jacob did settle back, until I laid him down in his crib, and he jerked his head up and started wailing - he refuses to go to sleep on his own. And he has reached the age where he can throw a tantrum when I do try to make him cry it out - screeching whenever he sees me. (And I doubt that Nathan screaming in the next room is helping things at all.)
Ooh. Silence?
If Jacob fell asleep on his own, I will fall over in shock.
I live for the day that I can say, "Naptime!" and they will both go to sleep on their own and I will know that I have at least 2 hours of Me Time.


Jessica said...

you know my husband can get both our kids down for nap time at the exact same time every time. Not me...I can get my youngest down ok but my oldest he looks at me and basically laughs.......i so understand the frustration!!!

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

This is not criticism just observation from my own know if the purpose of nap time is to give mommy time (YES YOU NEED IT)but they will fight it, because mommy "belongs to them"!! Focus your thoughts on what is best for them and keep explaining and never give up. How well I remember long sieges. If you know they are safe, you may have to step outside for 15 minutes at a time for your own sanity.

Did I tell you? The last time Nathan was here for a nap, he called me after about 10 minutes and pretended that he had been asleep and was ready to get up. I told him no and he cried a bit. I gave him a drink but took the cup back, then he did go to sleep. I nearly laughed but not in front of not tell me the sin nature is not active!!!!!!!