Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Is Wrong with Me? I'm Too Young for This!!

Rachel to Brooke on Monday: "I can't go to Lurenda's because we've got eye doctor appointments Wednesday afternoon."
Rachel to Paul on Thursday: "Oh, we have eye doctor appointments.............Yesterday."
And of course they close early on Thursdays so I couldn't call to apologize.
I don't know what's wrong with me! First Sunday's bulletin, and then this..... The fact we had an eye doctor appointment (I say "we" because both Paul and I had an appointment, back to back.) never crossed my mind on Wednesday, even when Paul asked me what we were doing that day. I told him we didn't have any plans, so we could take it easy.
The good news for Paul is, that after 5 years of telling him he needs to get his eyes checked and him insisting his eyes are fine, that he can put it off another three weeks 'til they could sqeeze us in again.
Seriously - I may be absent-minded, but complete forgetfulness is not normal for me!


carrie said...

welcome to the dark side. And I mean that literally.

Anonymous said...

I was like that when I was pregnant. Just a thought.... ;)