Monday, August 11, 2014

"School's Out for the Summer...."

(Okay, so that's a rock song.  It only is a clever title if you know the song.....)

So, today..... We finally finished school.  

IN MY DEFENSE, we've kind of had a big year.  New baby, huge house project......  But seriously.  Considering we started 1st grade for Nathan in April of his Kindergarten year..... It's kind of embarrassing that it took until August to get done.  
We had about 10 "Spring Breaks" - as in "my kids are completely stir crazy and the weather is nice, so it's easier to just let them play outside literally ALL DAY LONG than it is to fight with them about coming in to do school" breaks.  That was the biggest thing that set us behind.  We were doing pretty good, even considering new baby last winter, until the weather got nice.
Several people told me that you don't have to finish the book.  Public school standards are 80% of the textbook (I was told), and the first part of the year is all review anyways.  But it's the principle of the matter!  You're not done until it's finished!  Otherwise it just feels like you're giving up and letting your kids win.
I have been starting school on the oh-so-appropriate Labor Day, but our kids are going to get lucky this year.  Paul and I agreed we can't even attempt to start school until the house is completely finished, so it will be mid-September before we start.  Maybe the later starting date will make me even more diligent to stick to it and not get behind.  
We'll see.......

(And Jacob is not finished with his preschool.  But considering he doesn't even turn 5 until the end of October, I'm not worried about that at all.  We will start Kindergarten whenever we get around to it..... Which will probably be right around his birthday.)

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