Monday, May 19, 2014

I Used to Judge

I used to judge people when I'd walk up to their house, and their yards were just kind of.... trashy.  I'm not talking like junked-out cars, un-mowed grass, and bags of garbage.  I'm talking about just bits of trash, broken toys, and stuff strewn about and not picked up.
And then I had boys.
I have given up trying to keep the yard and deck picked up.  It's enough just to keep the house picked up.  Those two drag everything out.  Not only is every bike, trike, dump truck, or any other toy with wheels somewhere in our yard or driveway, but so are all of their garden tools, some of mine, boxes, boards, and any bit of trash that "they can use for something" - which is pretty much any bottle, styrofoam cup, or drink carrier that ends up at our house.
I do pretty good at making sure they don't take out dishes, or at least that the dishes come back in when I let them eat outside.  We also have laid down some pretty strict rules about what toys can go outside (which is basically none of them), or else we would have a veritable toy graveyard out there.
So I don't judge anyone any more when I walk up to their house and there's empty bottles or cups, or bare spots in the grass, or gaping holes in a flowerbed.  I just think....
"They must have little boys."

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