Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014 Home Improvements, Part Three: Bedroom Makeover (A Bed in the Closet?)

(Okay, so this is the next post I wrote, but it's not the one I promised.  I will write it as a separate post, and it will be at the top of the page, so it will LOOK like the next post I wrote.....)

This home improvement wasn't really on my radar.  I get frustrated at our lack of bedroom space.  We have 3 closets in our bedroom (there are 4 total in the whole house), plus a window and the door.  So there's really only been one way to lay out our bedroom.  There's room for the bed..... And that's it.
Several years ago, I got some of those wire shelves to organize the big closet.  It helped with the clothes situation, but still.  Boring bedroom.
Yes, this is "clean" for us.  And normally, the bed isn't even this close to being made.

We have one of those wide closets that have  the accordion doors (had, before we moved in - it was covered by a curtain, but I took that down after the millionth time of the rod falling down).  In my frustration I mentioned trying to turn the bed sideways on one wall, to gain a little room.  And then I said, "Unless it would fit into the closet."

We eyeballed it.  Hmm.... That might just work.
But we didn't do anything about it.  A couple weeks later, Paul was gone at Encounter for the weekend.  I was determined he would come home to a clean bedroom, so I sorted and put away the piles (and piles) (and boxes) of clothes, and then with the newly clean bedroom, I started eyeballing the closet again......
And decided, what the heck?  I'd surprise Paul with not only a clean bedroom, but also a re-arranged bedroom!
It fits!  Like a glove, but it's in there!

Our temporary furnishings.  But look at all that floor space!

When Paul got home, I told him my idea.  He must have liked it, because the next day we did measuring, then after sleeping on it (literally) again that night, we went to the lumberyard to get the materials.  It was raining buckets that day, so we had them deliver the following Friday.
I had second thoughts during the week, because I slept so horribly.  It turned out that our bed was sloped two inches from one side to the other, because of the collapsing basement walls (which will be fixed in the big job this summer).  Once Paul put a 2x4 under my side of the bed, I started sleeping like  a baby.
I’d like to say we got it all done in a weekend, but weekend projects just don’t happen when you have a tiny one, and 3 other “helpful” ones.  Basically what happened was Paul worked on it, and I’d step in and help out or offer my opinions (demands) between nursings.  And then I got sick, and didn't want to deal with paint fumes while having a cold.  So it took two weeks to actually finish a weekend project.
We had a few differences in opinions on how I was planning to do it, and how he was planning to do it.  (We didn’t actually discuss those details.  Oops.)  But nothing major, and I think the end result came out FANTASTIC!

I will put a shelf and/or some art above the pillows.

I realize our home will never look like a Better Homes and Gardens article.  I am okay with that.
It still looks awesome! :)

 I love it.  It’s exactly what I wanted, and it doubles the useable space in our bedroom.  Now, instead of having zero free walls, we have 3 free walls.  I will get to have to get a dresser, and I managed to procure one – for free! – that was exactly what I envisioned.  It will need a good scrubbing and a paint job, but I can handle that.  (It may take a month or two.....)
There were some ways that we cut corners on the job.  We only put the beadboard paneling on 3 inside walls, and not the ones adjoining the doorway (that we can only see while laying in bed).
There were other ways that I wanted to cut corners, literally, that Paul did an awesome job cutting the corners on.  Look at that work!  (I was just going to chop it at a 45 angle.)
The wall on the right is the one we didn't panel.  We just painted the particleboard to match.
Paul came up with the idea to angle the support boards, and it looks so much nicer than squared ends would have!

I also did a very, very fast job on the painting (remember the whole baby thing?), so if you look close at the shelves or paneling, you can see through in places.  But again, it’s our bedroom, and the only ones who will see my shoddy work are Paul and I when laying in bed.  And we have better things to do in bed than inspect our handiwork. 
(I’m talking about sleeping.  Geez!)
So the bedroom isn’t totally done, but I am totally thrilled with the new layout!  I still need to paint the walls, but that will wait til after the big job is done, because there’s a very good chance all our walls will crack.  I’ll also get a new bedspread and curtains.  I can’t wait!  


Amy J said...

Love this! You guys did a great job. It looks fantastic!

Rachel said...

FYI, it's 6 months later, and the bedroom still looks the same. Still looking for the time to finish the dresser. And just now started cleaning out the storage closet next to the bed to turn it into the hanging-clothes closet. Oh well. :)