Monday, April 8, 2013

Overheard: Good Friday

The boys know what Easter is about.  We did color eggs this year, but more as an art project.  No egg hunt (til Sunday afternoon), no Easter baskets, no candy.  We want the focus to remain on Jesus' resurrection.
So on Good Friday, I wanted to try to direct their thoughts.  As we were starting the day, I pointed out to them,  "Do you know what today is?  A long time ago, this is the day that Jesus died."
Jacob gasped, and with the most serious and concerned look on his face asked me:
"Is He still in our hearts?"

Oh my gosh.  So cute.

In related news, this is the first year I ever remember church being cancelled on Palm Sunday because of the BLIZZARD.  Yes, a blizzard.  On Palm Sunday.  Ridiculous.  We had three - count them, THREE - blizzards in March this year.  The upside is that we are getting caught up on our moisture.  On our end of the county, at least, the ponds are full again.  Here's hoping that the drought was only a two-year drought, not a 7-year one like they're recovering from in Texas.

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