Monday, April 8, 2013

First Grade!

Today we start first grade!
Okay, not really.
But kind of.
Last Monday, we finished up Nathan's Kindergarten Math.  I let him have a week off of math, a spring break of sorts (which we didn't do - long breaks are counterproductive).  Today we start First Grade Math! We're using the Saxon curriculum, and the Kindergarten was actually a step back from what he'd learned with his Preschool curriculum (Answers in Genesis, I believe put out by Alpha Omega Publishing).  The  Math K was still stuff he needed to learn (calendar, patterns, money, shapes, etc), but as I look at Math 1, it looks like he could have started with this no problem.  No regrets, though.  He's also doing 1st grade Science (because that's what we had on hand), and his reader is used through 2nd grade.  So I guess we could say he's done with Kindergarten and is now in first grade!  I guess.....?
Our syllabus included:
Map Study/Pledge of Allegiance Study

As I mentioned in my homeschool blog, we get done with our schoolwork in about 2 hours.  Sometimes I think maybe we're not doing enough, but as I look at that list - we actually do a lot!  I know it will take longer as subjects get harder, so we'll adjust our schedule as necessary.

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