Monday, April 16, 2012

Still No Baby

Tomorrow's my due date..... And still no baby.
Not that it's not unheard of to go to, or past, your due-date.  In fact, I was late with Nathan.  But it's just surprising and a little frustrating when you've been expecting to go early your whole pregnancy.  (According to my cycles, I pegged my due date as the 9th.)  When we had our midway sonogram, the measurements were showing us due between the 10th and 14th.  Maybe it was not that, and our baby just has an unusually large head.  (Oh, please, no!)
Over the weekend, I thought we'd be going.  I had a few strong contractions, but nothing close together, and not more than 2 or 3 in an evening or day.  It must have been the weather.  (We were in a tornado watch.)

So we wait.  Tomorrow is my weekly checkup that I fully intended to miss, because I would have a baby in my arms.  We will decide then whether or not to induce.  If I haven't progressed any further than last week, I would prefer to wait.  I'm of the persuasion that everything goes better for baby and mommy the longer you wait and the more nature does on it's own.

My sister took these pictures of me on Easter weekend.  I had a "maternity shoot" (pics specifically focusing on the belly) with both boys, I felt like this baby deserved the same.  My mom said she doesn't have any pictures of herself pregnant, even though she was four times, so I want to make sure I do.  

SUPER BELLY.  I grow tiny humans.  What's your super power?

This one she set up, and thought it was hilarious, but I wasn't on board with (not exactly flattering).  But then when I saw it and came up with a caption, it struck me as funny, too.  I put it on Facebook, and something like 50 of my friends (a quarter of all I have on FB) "liked" it - which never happens.  So apparently everyone thought it was amusing.

And, I'm fully convinced this is why we have no baby:  we're ready.  This is our bags packed for the hospital and sitting by the door.  It's also the baby seat and the boys' bag to go to Grandpa and Grandma's.

Murphy's Law says if you're not ready, it will happen?  (basically....)  Well, we are ready, so it's not happening.
And you should see the house!  It's so clean!  (Despite what it looks like with the pile of blankets in the background of the picture..... The boys were "camping" with one of the outside cats, and I told them they had to stay by the door.)  I only wish/hope I can keep up on it after the baby like I have the last couple weeks.

Anyhow.  Waiting.......

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