Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello, Baby!

We had a sonogram this week, and finally got to see this baby that's been asserting his (her) opinion of me wearing any clothes that have a waistband.
At first, Baby was not cooperating - he was facing backwards, toward my spine, away from the sonogram sensor.  But with enough pushing and prodding, he finally turned around, and then hid behind the placenta (you're welcome, male readers), which is right up front with this one (which the nurse said that may be the reason it took so long to feel kicks).
 Hello, Baby!

  Something about this one reminds me of Nathan.... I think it's the lack of chin.

 One of three 3D shots that we actually got....  She had to go from way on the side to get under the placenta. You can clearly see a face and hand/arm.

This one takes a bit more concentration and imagination..... The baby's face again, except it's got it's hand up there right in front of its face (you can kind of see the tiny fingers).  It was definitely trying to get away from that sensor!

Everything looks good - he was definitely wiggling around the whole time.  We even got to watch the baby swallow!  You could see his tiny tongue come out and his mouth and neck muscles move - so neat!  Since we had it done at LifeCare, instead of the hospital, their focus is on you getting to see and celebrate the life inside of you, not just measurements and data.  So it made it really special - not to mention we got a TON of pictures!  Also, they let the boys come in to watch, so it was really neat for them, too.
Based on the measurements of the head, I am measuring a few days earlier than my estimated due date - that put me closer to the 12th (rather than the 17th).  But my doctor said they don't change the due date after 20 weeks, I'm assuming because babies come in all shapes and sizes.  So we just need to be prepared for a baby any time in the middle of April!
And no, we did not find out, or even get a hint of what this baby might be!  We're going to be thrilled either way, because it's going to be a beautiful, healthy baby!

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