Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby with Attitude?

This baby has really started asserting himself (herself).  Any time I sit for an extended period of time wearing pants with a snug waistband, he will start kicking at it.  Earlier this week, he even kicked where my laptop was resting against my belly.  It is a usual occurrence lately for him to kick against the side of my belly that is laying on the bed.  Two nights ago, this baby was apparently stretched vertical, simultaneously pressing against my bladder and my lungs - not comfortable when you need to have a cold and need to pee.  It actually is reminding me a lot of Nathan when he was in my womb.
Speaking of coughing....
Whenever I start to get over a cold, I start coughing.  A lot of dry, hacking coughing.  And with each pregnancy it requires more muscles to not pee myself when I cough.  And add to that this hernia that I have above my belly button.....  I told Paul, there is a specific order of things that have to be done prior to coughing - squeeze everything, press my hand firmly over my hernia, then cough.  If any of this is not accomplished before the coughing fit begins.... Not cool.
But the good news is, today I finally feel like the coughing is taming down.  My head feels clear, and I only had one bad coughing fit today (of course, right in the middle of a store!).  I really hope it's fully gone by the time Paul and I go on our Getaway on Sunday!  Talk about a romance killer!

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Tiffany said...

I still have to sqeeze my legs tight anytime I feel a cough or sneeze coming on. lol. The joys of being a woman! I'm so excited for you guys!