Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm busy, busy.....

(I'm thinking that's a song... From "Alice in Wonderland?" Not sure. But it's stuck in my head.)
It's been crazy around here. Last weekend we played for a wedding at the Indian Hills Country Club up in the city. It's definitely the nicest wedding we've ever played for. I really am wondering why they chose us (small-town, small-time musicians) to play for them, when everything else they did was complete top of the line - swanky location, real flowers (in huge arrangements), cocktail hour, full dinner..... But, whatever. I'm not going to complain. They were happy with us, and we made more money than we ever have playing at a wedding. (We upped our rate from $50 to $75 apiece - which is still a steal, if you look at what other musicians charge. And Paul, his sister, and our friend that plays cello got $100 each for playing during a "cocktail hour" which is something we've never done before.)
So in relation to that... I've been working on a website to send people to when they want to know more about our music. It's nothing fancy, just another blogspot, but I'm quite proud of it. You can look at it by clicking on my profile - it should show up as one of my blogs. Otherwise, you can wait until the "official unveiling" when I've got all the information on there.
Also in relation to that... I used the money I earned to buy flowers. And - good or bad, I'm not sure - Orscheln marked all their flowers down 1/2 price the day I went shopping. So I came out of there with 12 6-packs (72 plants), and 7 larger 4-inch pots, all for $23. Combine those with the petunias I already have, and... I'm going to have lots of planters this summer.
Summer hit full force. It's been in the mid-90s all week. We got the air conditioner replaced just in time... It's been running non-stop since last Tuesday. So much for having a month off between heating bills and air-conditioning bills. Paul bought Nathan some water balloons and water guns last week. Then Paul's parents brought over Paul's stash from growing up. Now we have a minimum of 20 water guns, including two super-soakers. So damp clothing is becoming a norm. We got a new plastic pool today (more wedding money splurging), so we'll be breaking out the swimming suits this evening. (Not looking forward to that...)
The boys slept until 9:30 yesterday and the day before, which resulted in them being not-tired-enough for naps at naptime. Jake slept about an hour both days, but when I sent Nathan up to go to sleep, he woke up Jacob. So that resulted in both boys being cranky by suppertime, which resulted in me being ready to pull my hair out by the time Paul got home. So I think I'm going to go sit in the recliner and stare off in to space for a while, while I let HIM deal with the sounds that are coming from upstairs.....

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