Friday, January 7, 2011

This Happens Every Time!

Why does it always happen this way? The week started off great - it was going to be a productive week. Paul washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen for me Sunday night, so the house was in great shape already. I exercised Monday and Tuesday, and was well on my way to getting back in the P90X routine.
Then I got sick.
Not just the "this is an annoying cough, but I'll muscle through it," but the "I can't do anything but sit on the couch and hope the kids don't touch me because I ache all over, I can barely swallow, and my chest feels like someone's sitting on it." I had to skip AWANA, and completely forgot about a ladies committee meeting because I was still in bed when I should have been leaving (not that I felt like going anyways).
It seems like every time I finally am going to get on top of things around here, something happens. Usually someone gets sick. And it's the worst when I'm sick. Not because I don't feel good, but because if I don't feel good, nothing gets done when Paul's working. I just loaded the dishwasher for the first time since Monday. I have 3 laundry days worth of clothes to fold. And yet, I can't motivate myself to do anything other than sit and watch the boys while sipping something to scald my throat. I try to nap when they nap (if I can actually get Nathan to take a nap), but I have just been coughing the whole time, so I get up more exhausted than when I lay down.
Maybe it's God telling me I don't really need to exercise. (I wish.) I did really good exercising every day last fall, until we went on vacation. I did kind of hit and miss until December, and then things just got out of control - schedule- and food-wise. My sister started P90X again this week, so we were going to challenge each other at it, and I know she's winning (she had a head start on the exercise in general to begin with).
In other news....
Paul and I got the book The Love Dare by Sephen and Alex Kendrick for Christmas. We were going to go through it together, but then realized that it will take away some of it if we each knew what the other was doing every day. So Paul told me to give him a week or so head start. That may be the reason for him doing the dishes, and probably also for the gorgeous flowers I got on Monday, but even though I know he is being "told" to do these things, it still makes me feel loved. I am going to start sometime next week.
I read the book Fireproof (based on the movie, which is where the book The Love Dare came from) this week. I read it in two sittings. It was pretty much the movie, in book form, but I still couldn't put it down, and still cried. The story reminds me of a Karen Kingsbury book. I highly recommend - all of them! The book, the movie, and the Dare.
After a couple gorgeous days, winter is heading back. I heard the wind shift directions this morning (our old house started popping). It's been howling from the northwest, and our draft on the back porch is back in business (apparently our under-house excursions didn't fix it after all).
Well, this post talked a lot without really saying anything. It's lunchtime now.... I think I may be motivated to serve something other than hot dogs today. Grilled cheese it is!

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