Friday, April 24, 2009

Dangerous Doors at the Doctor's Office

I had my three-month checkup this morning. Paul went with me to hear the heartbeat, so of course Nathan went along as well to charm all the nurses.
On the way into the building where our doctor's offices are, there's an automatic sliding glass door. I've never thought of them being dangerous to kids before. Nathan saw the glass door, so immediately went to bang on the glass, as most toddlers do, but as he touched the glass, the sensor opened the door, pulling his hand in between the sliding panel and the stationary panel. Paul saw what was happening, and grabbed the door frame to slow it down, but it still pulled Nathan's arm in past the elbow and left "rub burns" above his elbow and wrist. You always hear about how dangerous escalators are with kids, but I'd never heard anything of automatic doors.
After that little excitement, which scared Nathan more than hurt him, we had my appointment. I love early appointments (8:30) because the waiting room is always empty. We got to hear the baby's heart beating. Nathan listened to it, too, but I don't think he was as amazed as we were. Some people have told me that the amazement is gone when you have the second one, but I'm still just as amazed. I rub my belly and talk to the baby just as much - possibly more since I'm home more.
Everything seems to be going great. I'm happy to say I haven't gained any weight since my first assessment (where a nurse makes sure you actually are pregnant and asks you a million health history questions). I say I'm happy about this because I gained 10 pounds in the first two weeks of being pregnant, thanks to my insatiable cravings (and the Superbowl party we hosted). I was worried about keeping up the weight gain at that rate.....
I've been feeling the baby move - swimming and fluttering, but no obvious kicks yet. I am about a month behind the first time I felt Nathan kick, so I'm not expecting too much yet. Maybe for Mother's Day?
Well, I have a busy afternoon, with my cleaning job. I feel the need to be lazy for a little while to prepare for it.

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