Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Oh NICE."

(Said in the tone of Lurenda, who is mimicked by Lena.... And apparently I say it more than I realize.)

It is absolutely frigid outside.
And I'm not just griping because I hate winter.
I'm saying that because today's high was 11. With a 20 mph wind. Do you want to know what that feels like outside?
Like -10.
That's 40 degrees below freezing.
When we woke up this morning, all was peachy. It was cold, we knew, but we brought Nathan's little heater down and ran it in the bathroom while we got ready for church. As long as you kept your slippers on, it wasn't bad.
I was putting makeup on (for once!) and all the sudden I got an odd feeling........
Let's just say "major digestive issues."
But since it was too late to back out of my responsibilities, I manned up and we went ahead and went to church. Luckily, it wasn't the kind where it's constant churning and discomfort, but rather the kind where you feel fine one minute, then the next you're sitting in the pew wondering if there would be any graceful way to make a hasty exit.
I made it through church. It was a great service with five special musics. We did worship last, and I thought it went very well.
We came home. I got Nathan put in bed for his nap, took off my stockings, and then it struck.
And afterwards, I went to flush the toilet, and.....
No flush.
No water.
The pipes had frozen.
Luckily, not all of the pipes, though.
The toilet is frozen.
The bathroom sink is frozen.
The cold water to the tub is frozen.
The hot water to the kitchen sink is frozen.
But the washing machine is fine. Which baffles me, because it's pipes are right in the same wall area as the bathroom sink.
But at least we can "flush" the toilet using a bucket of water from the tub.
But I'm still cold.
My feet have felt like ice cubes ever since we got home.
We've got the wood stove going, and the thermostat set on 74 (an obvious sign I don't feel good), but the house is so drafty, it just doesn't feel warm - the drafts push all the warm air to the south end of the house.
Which is where I am right now. Right next to the wood stove.
And I'd just stay here a while longer and get warm, but looking at the screen is giving me a headache.
Really, the whole point of this post is just to complain.
So humor me. Show me some pity.
Or at least pretend to.


Teach said...

TMI - Definitely. But it's what we come to expect from you.

So that DOES suck. How do you unfreeze pipes? Precisely why I rent - when crap happens, someone else fixes it. No pun intended.

Tiffany said... poor thing!!! I hope you get to feeling better.