Thursday, July 19, 2012

Surviving Summer

The forecast for the next 7 days....
105, 100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 109......  The weatherman said we may challenge records held since 1936 - records for all-time highest temperature in KC, and also for most over-100 days in a summer.  1936 was the Dust Bowl, am I right?  Ironically, the old-timers that come in to my brother-in-law's store (he manages an Orscheln farm store) said that the really wet cool summers that we had a few summers back were just like the summers before the Dust Bowl.  I believe it now.  (Not that I ever doubted them.)

So we're just surviving.  We hide inside all day.  The boys do okay, but about 7 PM are dying to go outside.  They play, but get so sweaty, and their faces turn bright red.  When they come in, they drink and drink and drink. I'm pretty sure we've had a water fight on some scale for the last 5 nights.
We got some rain last night from the "chance" (which was only 20%, and was supposed to stay north of here) - 3/4 of an inch!  Everything feels so clean outside - it's been completely choked in road dust lately.  Normally the sound of rain is soothing and helps you sleep, but it's such a foreign sound lately that I don't feel like I slept at all.  I'm trying out coffee this morning.  I'm going with weak and partially decaf.  We'll see how if affects the little one.
Surgery to fix my hernia went GREAT.  I had never had surgery, so I was a little nervous.  But I know the anesthesiologist well (he plays bass in our praise band), and met the surgeon when we played in a band together for a worship night.  So that eased my mind.  It was pretty low-key.  I fell alseep and when I woke up, it just felt like I'd had a really great nap (the kind where you sleep really hard, and probably drool, and then wake up on your own, and not to an alarm or screaming child).  The whole surgery took 31 minutes.  I had no reaction to the anesthesia - we even went and got Sonic on the way home.  The day after was the most painful, but it's also the last day I took pain meds.  I had my follow-up yesterday, and they said it is healing great.  It is slightly sore right at the incision, and only really sharply hurts if I forget and stretch and twist at the same time.  My belly still pooches a little over where the hernia was, but it should go down as the skin shrinks back - it's been stretched over that for quite a while.  I took a "before" picture; I'll take an "after" pic in a month when the swelling and bruising is gone.
So two days ago, I got some styrofoam bowls out of the cupboard and noticed there were about 10 little cocoons with larvae in them in between the edges of the bowls.  I got rid of them, and didn't think a lot about it, until yesterday when I opened the cupboard and saw about 4 little moths and a larva dangling from a web attached to the bottom of the upper shelf.  I had Paul come investigate, because I don't do larvae.
There was a bag of cornmeal that was absolutely crawling with these moths and little larvae.  There was a jar that I have no idea what HAD been in it, but the bottom was a sponge of dead and molding larvae.  I seriously felt like I was going to throw up, and I wasn't even the one pulling stuff out.  The little cocoons were all over everything - the styrofoam bowls, hot cocoa and tea packages, boxes.  I just threw most of it away.   I don't think they're weevils, because I think weevils are a beetle, but they definitely have the same appetite (grains), based on where we found them infesting.  But the funny thing is, and the reason I didn't notice them earlier, is because they weren't on or in my flour (which I use several times a week) at all.  It was so incredibly disgusting. I still am getting that "I'm throwing up a little in my mouth" feeling when I think of it.
Well, I need to think about getting around and accomplishing something today.  Paul had to go in to work on his day off, and is helping a friend with a project this afternoon.  We'd also like to try to go to the fair this evening.... So it's going to be a busy, non-stop day.

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