Monday, July 9, 2012

One More Night....

Paul works this night, then takes vacation for a week!  (Which he only has to actually take off two days of work - one thing I do love about his wacky schedule.)  I've been having a hard time going to bed without him this weekend (hence the after-midnight post).... It's just easier to tune out in front of the tv or computer.
We didn't have anything planned for his week off.  His birthday (32!) is this week, so that's why he took the time off.  But then I went and scheduled a surgery for the day before his birthday, so there goes any plans he may have been thinking about having.
I'm finally having my hernia fixed.  I have what they call an umbilical hernia, even though it's not actually in my belly button, but rather above it.  It started when I was pregnant with Jacob, got worse and worse, and now after Zadie, something has to be done.  It sticks out further than my post-baby gut (see photo).  I'm ready for it to go away.
So I'm celebrating 30 by "having some work done."  We'll call the hernia repair a tummy tuck.  Then I'm going to get my veins fixed.  I also am going to have to get glasses, I'm almost sure.  After the episode with the eye my vision didn't fully recover.  I know I was headed for glasses, but I think the swelling and reaction sped up the inevitable.  Especially while driving at night, with reflective signs I have blurred and double-vision (very safe, I know).  So I've got to get that checked out.
Anyhow.  I'm rambling to avoid going to bed.  But it's time.

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