Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday, I finally put away my maternity clothes.  Not that I've been wearing [very many of] them [that often].  They've been off the shelves and out of the closet for over a month, but I just keep stepping over the piles.  So I finally picked up the piles... It's amazing how much bigger our room feels.
While I was putting them away, I sorted through the clothes I was putting back on the shelves.  I took out the long sleeves (for obvious reasons) and stowed them in a box under the bed.  And I made a pile of clothes that don't fit.  They are clothes that used to fit, but they don't fit right now. Yes, I realize I "just" (3 months ago) had a baby.  But these didn't fit, even before I got pregnant.  I just keep holding on to them, because "I'm going to lose weight."  But that's been my story for the last 5 years.
So I made up my mind, if I haven't lost enough weight to fit into them by next garage sale (a little over 9 months from now), I'm getting rid of them.  And the cheapskate in me is going to be my motivation.  Because  there are some nice clothes in that pile, clothes that I love (like those capris on the top) that would be hard to find again, and I don't want to turn loose of them.
So that's my motivation.  Healthy living, here I come!

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