Thursday, December 3, 2009

Six Weeks

Yesterday was Jacob's six week checkup. He has seriously chunked out! He's gained 3 pounds since he was born! (More if you count the weight he lost before my milk came in... That makes it almost 4 pounds!) I had him weighed three times in 24 hours.... At the Childrens Mercy urologist, he was 11, 2... According to the health department visit (more on that later) he was 11, 8... And at the doctor he was 11, 4. Dr. Sinclair said he "looks perfect!"
The visit with the urologist went well. He explained that sometimes when all of the mother's hormones finally get out of the baby's system (around 2 months), boys will have a testosterone surge that will "push" the testicle down. He said even though that's not common, it does happen. We have another check up at the end of January, and then he will determine if surgery is needed. Dr. Demarcos said the sooner they get it corrected, the easier it is for Jacob to recover.
We had an annoying visit from the county health department yesterday morning. Not that the lady that came out is annoying, she's actually a sweet grandmotherly type.... just the fact that they come irritates me. When they call to set up an appointment, they ask if they can come because they have a gift for me, and tell me they can bring their scale so we can find out how much the baby is gaining between check-ups. I don't know how to say no - what would it look like if I refused? But what I feel the only reason they want to come is so they can get into your house and see what kind of conditions the baby is living in. I have no doubt I would be reported if something didn't measure up. I don't even know how they found out I have a baby, because the hospital doesn't report it to them anymore.
I also had my six week follow-up. I was less than thrilled with it. For starters, I've only lost half of the baby weight. This probably wouldn't bother me if I hadn't of lost all the baby weight by six weeks (without even trying) after I had Nathan. And it doesn't really upset me too much - I look at the scale as "just a number" (which is why we don't own a scale). I feel like I look pretty good (minus the jello-belly). And when Jacob starts sleeping more predictably, I'll be able to better exercise. The hernia I got above my belly button still hasn't fixed itself completely - it still pooches. Dr. Sinclair said to give it a little more time for my abs to pull back together. She recommended trying Pilates, rather than just sit-ups, since Pilates focuses on strengthening your entire core.
I'm finally getting the house back in order. We had a crazy weekend about 3 weeks ago where we were running all day every day, and the house fell apart. We came home and just dumped everything in the dining room every day. We'd eat, but I wouldn't have time to clean the kitchen afterwards. I'd get the kitchen or dining room partially cleaned (the dishwasher loaded/unloaded, the dining room table halfway cleaned off), then I'd get distracted/busy with the boys, and not get back to it until it was a disaster again. I washed dishes (pots and pans) last night for the first time in almost two weeks. Like I said, totally gross.
I'm convinced Jacob's 3-day fussing spree was due to a growth spurt. He wanted to nurse all the time - and that did it's job. My milk supply is up, and he's sleeping more (a painful combination if he doesn't nurse well before falling asleep for four hours!). But he's nursing for longer periods now, and going longer between feedings. I'm ready for that - I was beginning to feel like a milk cow!
We're pretty sure Nathan's had a recent growth spurt, as well. He's been sleeping longer, and eating better (somewhat). But the main thing we noticed is that all of his pants are now high-water, even a pair I just bought at the end of summer. I'm not looking forward to shopping for him again - it's so hard to find non-trendy kids clothes (we are definitely not a trendy family).
Well, I've lolly-gagged (what does that mean anyways?) long enough. I still haven't gotten dressed for the day, and it's time to start on lunch.


Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

So ask the health department why they are really coming!! Or tell them you are too busy with doctor appointments/checkups. Cannot imagine the health dept having time or money to check up on normal people when I can show them so many that really need help and counseling.
Mom R

Brooke said...

That's really odd. They've never contacted me. Since we have the same doctor and I get the kids shots at the health department in town, I have to assume they somehow get your info from the hospital.